Whole lotta Sweaters

It all started back in October while I was giving the Girl Cave a cleaning & moth check. Things were being sorted, purged & what was staying was updated on my Ravelry stash page and linked to a project in my queue. Organization & efficiency was the name of the game!

I had finished my Not Going to Rhinebeck 2014 sweater…290Pattern: Artichoke French

Yarn: Briar Rose Fibers Abundance

and was looking for a NaKniSweMo project…I came across some Lopi I had picked up during one of my LYS’s February Bulky Yarn Sale. The original plan was to knit myself Odinn, but I decided to make a stab at knitting a sweater for Chris. My first attempt was about 10 years ago…it did not end well and we avoided the Boyfriend Sweater Curse only because we were already married…This time things went considerably smoother…although I think Chris was getting annoyed by my constant requests for him to try the sweater on so I could check fit…. 031I really enjoy knitting Lopapeysa and am partial to the yarn made from Icelandic sheep that is used to knit them. As Christmas was bearing down on us and I had promised my Dad a sweater years earlier, I figured it was a good time to get that done & cast on a second Odinn.


With the help of my sister, I decided to sort of recreate a ski sweater my Dad had bought when he was 16 and my Mum tossed when I was 16. It was the height of Grunge & I had found its well felted & moth holed remains in the depths of a closet. The Sweater was so very Kurt Cobain! My Mum was horrified that I was wearing it & promptly removed the temptation! Some words may have been exchanged when my Dad discovered it had been tossed.

My sister suggested I try to recreate that long lost sweater. My Dad is quite pleased with his sweater even though he didn’t get it till after Christmas due to my coming down with a Cold of Space & Death. I rarely get sick. but when I do, it really wallops me! He has received at least one compliment about it every time he has worn it!

After knitting the same pattern in a row had me looking for a change…but I still needed a sweater as the weather was unseasonably cold…like below -30C (-22F) with wind chill and I had no intentions of leaving the house unless it was for work, school or food!

Antrorse  popped up  in my feed so I picked my honkin’huge skein of Jill Draper’s Mega Empire  in a nice sunny yellow as I refused to knit anything grey in the depths of a deep freeze!

254I am really happy with this sweater, it has a neat construction & I really loved using Jill’s yarn! She buys the entire shearing from shepherds around her neck of the woods in Hudson Valley, New York. The fleece are processed at a local mill and then Jill dyes them! I really love that she is supporting local shepherds as I remember when we were getting fractions of a cent for our fleece in the 80s. The yarn is a bit rustic at first as the mill doesn’t use chemicals to dissolve the vegetable matter in the fleece and will smell a bit sheepy, but that is the kind of yarn I really enjoy working with and it blooms up so nicely after a soak! I picked up some locally made buttons to use on the yoke.


After Antrerose it was still freaking cold! I had a bunch of left over lopi from Chris’ sweater & there was just enough that I was able to cast on another sweater…technically it’s a lopapeysa…but not really.


Scatter is a free pattern via Ravelry. My stitches got a bit tight across the chest, but a stern blocking sorted that out. This sweater is knit a bit tighter than it should, but considering how cold it’s been, it makes for a great base layer.

As I’ve knit roughly a sweater a month since October, I’m taking a bit of a break before I hit burnout and dusting off the loom & pulling out the sewing machine.


Time stops for no one

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve had a series of posts lined up, just needing photos or links addedthen some time passes and another post topic comes up…then more time passes…we can see where this is going. In short, I’m so freaking behind in posts that I could either forget those posts entirely, make a mega post with far too much info or just give a breif synopsis, which is what I’m going with.

First up, the basement. It is done and I couldn’t be happier about it! We will be eating red beans & rice for the forseeable future to pay for it, but our house will no longer burn down from the ancient knob & tube wiring or the shitty job some moron who clearly didn’t know the basics of electrical safety did. Al, the Electrician did an awesome job in making everything safe. Contractor Neil & his crew did a fabulous job with all the non electrical & I look forward to having him back in a few years time to do the kitchen reno. Chris & I have our bedroom set up downstairs so now the kids can each have their own rooms. By the weeks end, we should be done with the cleaning & painting the kids rooms. We had hoped to have them all set up by the end of October, but we hit a bit of burn-out so had a bit of a break.

(Please ignore the chaos, we are slowely getting the bits and bobs organized)


My Girl Cave is everything I wanted it to be and more.



In keeping with the creativity thing…I’m once again participating in NaKniSweMo. This time I think I stand a good chance of finishing too! I’m knitting Comfort Cardigan from some well aged Auracania Nature Wool Chunky from the stash.


I also learned how to make moccasin’s earlier this month, but that will become it’s own post. My plan is to try to get back into the habit of weekly blogging, so things don’t pile up again & so my Mum can keep better tabs on me & my antics.

Over commitment or How I Own a Houseboat on De Nile!

One would think that after almost 10 years of knitting, I would have by now have a general idea of how long it would take me to knit anything. I have learned, yet again, that my grasp of this subtle dark art is so very messed up! In my defence, my last two projects were completed in record time which just skews the numbers six ways from Sunday!

I knit my Rhinebeck Sweater in about 20 days, it would have been done sooner but there were a few days in there when it was impossible to get any knitting done!

Pattern: Idlewood

Yarn: Cascade Eco

This puppy is super warm! At a later date I’m going to reknit the sleeves to be full length.


The second project to screw with my stats was a shawl I started in the car on the way home from Rhinebeck, it was completed in about 2 weeks.

Pattern: Hera Mountain Ridge Shawl

Yarn: Miss Baba Northumbrian Aran (2 sks Shrimp Bush, 1 sks Fox on the Run)

With two projects in a row being completed with such speed, one could understand how I honestly thought I could knit a fingering weight hat with enough time for it to arrive at it’s destination while also working on a NaKniSweMo project. As of this post the hat is just past the 4″ 2×2 ribbing and I’m starting to work on the 9″of body, it’s now going to be a christmas gift…And my sweater…well judge for yourself:

I am creeping up to where I will split the arms from the body…I would definitly be way further along had I not misread the pattern at least three times which required a complete rip & re-knit. Any sane person would have gone in search of a different pattern long before the third re-knit, I took it as a slight to my honour/pride/whatever you want to call it and am now determined ot make this sweater my bitch! Once I get past the arms I am hoping things will just zip along and I’ll finish by months end at which point I will post for the position of Cabana Boy for my Houseboat on De Nile…



It’s that time of the year again and I’m going to try to compete again.

Last year I failed miserably this year I have motivation! I’m going to be using my own hand spun yarn to knit a fairly simple neck down raglan. The yarn is made from the first fleece I ever bought at the Royal Winter Fair and is the first full fleece I ever spun. It’s a beautiful Chocolate brown Corriedale from a shepherd over in Goodwood which is the townette to the west of me parents farm.

I’ve swatched it out and am going to be using my US10 needles so it should also be a fairly decent knit speed!