RHinebeck – Finally

I had planned to write this post within the first week after Rhinebeck, but as per usual life got in the way. In a way I’m glad it has taken me over two weeks to get around to posting about it as I can relive all the fun via the few photos I took.

The Canadian Contingent enroute

20131018_100207 20131018_112013

We were all terribly confused by this piece of “art” in the ladies loo when we stopped at the Falls before crossing the border.


A close up of whatever that is supposed to be on the stool.


Yeah, we are still not sure what that was meant to be…So we had a peek at the falls & got back in the car.


This year there were 8 of us who took over a house in Hudson, New York, about 40 minutes North of Rhinebeck. Hudson is a neat little town with some really great antique shops, restaurants & a few vintage shops. I was hoping to spend a bit more time exploring, but yarn was calling…

I loved this scrimshawed deer(?) skull in one of the antique stores.


Tasty shrimp & chorizo tacos from Mexican Radio.


Creepy abandoned, but well maintained house up the hill from where we stayed.


Neat little VW Bug pick-up hack. I really want one of my own now!


Overwhelmed by the yarn & people, I developed a slight case of camnesia while at Rhinebeck, but did manage to get in a few photos…

Saturday the Fair Grounds were packed with people,


This was taken as we entered the grounds about 15 minutes after the gates opened, it just got busier after that!

018 008

I think these are Shetlands, regardless I would really appreciate one of each colour under the Christmas tree this year.

023 025

Rhinebeck is well known for it’s broad selection of fair food, but this year I was beyond thrilled to see there was a Flaumekuchen food truck! I was introduced to this Alsatian bit of yummyness by my friend Nat (she’s Alsation) a few years ago at a restaurant in Toronto called Elle Ma Dit (sadly now closed). Flaummkuchen (or Tarte Flambe) is a very thin crust “pizza” (think saltines thin) traditionally baked with creme fraishe and bits of smoked lardons toppings, although you can top it with pretty much anything. I would happily live off this stuff!

031 030 029

I chose the basic version & would have worked my way through the menu but I was near hallucinogenic from all the rich dairyness. So tasty and the servings are large enough to be comfortable shared.


At one point I found myself in the middle of the Llama Parade.


Then the shopping started… I approach all fiber show/sales like a military strike, I make a list before hand of the vendors I want to see & what yarns weights & yardage I need for a few specific projects. This serves multiple purposes, but mainly it keeps me from becoming overwhelmed and buying ALL THE THINGS. I also kept a healthy distance from the Norm Hall booth  & only got close enough to take a picture of one of his beautiful custom wheels before running away.


Last I heard a few years ago, he had a 10 year wait list to get on his 7 year wait list for one of his wheels! Dude makes very pretty wheels.

After everyone had assembled back at the house, we laid out our purchases for show & tell…


There were some lovely yarns in that pile!

Then sooner than one would think it was time to pack it all up and head home…

20131021_104536 20131018_181359

There are plans afoot to do it all over again next year, but am not sure at this point if I’ll make it as Chris’ birthday is the Saturday of Rhinebeck weekend. As it was this year, his birthday was on the Friday we left to drive down. Although he did say he would like to have a David Lynch Marathon weekend…hmmmm

And this is how it all went down

First off, thanks for the birthday well wishes, they gave me a giggle!

I have discovered as I’m getting older that my desire for a big hoolabaloo celebration is not what it once was and really I’m all about the lowkey and laid back and Sunday was perfect!

My original plan was to go to Lahore Tikka House, but seeing as really only my sister and I would appreciate it, I decided after Amy sent me a link to go to Caplansky’s.

(Please excuse the Satanic look everyone has, I forgot to set the Red Eye Reduction)

It was very yummy! The menu is really straight forward, and so not a place for the vegetarians among us.

SO YUMMY!!! I dreamt about those fries and the pickle platter last night! We are so going back on my next Saturday off!

Abi got little lesson in Pool

After, we all wandered over to Kensington for a quick bit of shopping whre I resurrected an old friends habit of a new hat for my Birthday,

On the way home we stopped to get a Dairy Queen Birthday cake

The Zoo

Tuesday we finally got out to the Zoo! We met up with Zoe and Joyce and had a great walk around. Abi loved it and was running around like a hummingbird and kept saying “I NEED to see something Else!!!”. We didn’t take as many pictures as I thought we did but I did get some of my favourite animals: The Gorillas and Orangutans but they were mostly all blurry. Le sigh!

This is Subira and not Charles (I mixed them up).

Personally I can’t look at a SilverBack with out being reminded of the story of a  guy I know who wondered what would happen if he beat his chest at Charles … the term “Ape Shit Ballistic” comes to mind.

The Orangutans are my clear favourite, everytime I have been to the Zoo there has been a baby Orangutan and this time was no exception.

This little guy was hanging out with Dad (I’m guessing this is the Babydaddy) and while we were watching him (again I’m guessing he is a boy) he pooped in his hand and proceeded to smell then lick it. This of course has been all Abi has talked about since.

This guy was making kissy faces back at me before running off to climb the ropes.

While we were watching them one of the keepers came up with some bottles of juice which she tossed into their compound. As soon as the Orangutans saw her coming they moved over to the other side to catch their bottles.

Unfortunatly the group shot I have of all four of them facing towards us is way too blurry so here you see the back end of Dad (who totally looks like a Creature Shop creation and it was really cute to see the Mum showing Baby how to drink their juice.

I was also able to get a really good picture of one of the male peacocks in full “bloom”.

And here is the yarn I bought:

One busy week, down one to go

So much to blog about but I don’t want a rambeling long blog post so I’m going to give it to you in point form.

-Chris is on vacation this week and next week. It’s been nice an relaxing as we only made one or two plans and the rest of the time have been playing it by ear.

– The Green Earth Show was fun and I came away with so many ideas for the house. Bamboo flooring, tankless water system, in floor radiant hydro heating, pulling the forced air and installing radiators and one or two wind turbines for the roof (there is a great domestic design now available).

– Met with the bank people to discuss the renewal of the mortgage and how we can accomplish the environmentally friendly renos to the house I mentioned above.

-The TTC Strike messed up my plans to go to Amy and Jillian’s book launch at Lettuceknit, but Chris ordered in Indian for my birthday dinner and got me a Dairy Queen ice cream birthday cake.

– For those who haven’t seen it my hair is short and bleached blond. I LOVES IT!

-We finally took Abi to the ROM to see the Dinos. She loved it and keeps asking to go back.

– I made a triumphant return to knitnight and bought some yarn to celebrate.

– The above mentioned yarns (Noro Sock and Malabrigio Lace) are being knit into Danish shawls which have become my new obsession partially because they are simple yet lovely knits that do not require too much attention.

– Knitting on my two sweaters has stalled out.

– I have become a mad spinning fiend when I’m not a mad danish shawl knitting feind.

– Tonight me and the kids are going to the Farm for the weekend, Chris is going to stay here and play a lot of GTA and REALLY LOUD ROCKBAND (Amy if you hear the RAWK, it’s my Man and I apologize for any possible sleep loss you may experience). I expect a near spotless home upon my return!

– I have finally replaced the juicer I got as a wedding gift (and eventually killed) and have become a juicing queen (that’s going to get me some odd internet hits!)!

-This coming week I have a sewing date with Joyce and plans to take the Kids to the Zoo.

So yeah that’s what’s been going on. I figure I’ll return to my normal blogging schedule after next week.

Happy Birthday…Here’s a TTC Strike!

Wow! How craptacular (and I’m a union gal), this REALLY ticks me off. So just one question…What Happened to the “we’ll give 48 hours notice before any action” thing? This just goes to show that even with the LEC recommending ratification the Membership can still do their own thing.

So my Birthday plans for today are being altered: we are going to walk over to Danforth Go Station take that down to the Exhibition for the Green Living Show. This will mean my missing the book launch, which sucks, I was totally looking forward to it! Oh and my choice of dinner place is going to have to be changed about, no El Trompo! I’m just really glad I didn’t have my heart set on attending the Frolic but I feel for those that do!

Hot Docs

A week or so ago the list of films showing at the Hot Docs festival was released. I am determined to take in a few of the films this year!

I’ve always been either working and unable to get the time off or completely missed it and didn’t realize it till a week later.

I’m off to get a cup of tea and make my film list.

Rosie obtained!

As of this afternoon I’m the owner of this bike!

I bought it at Duke’s Cycle , the whole staff were great, super friendly and totally cool about Abi wanting to ring every single bell on display! The guy (who’s name I forgot to get) was great at helping me get the right size bike and made the necessary adjustments to tweak my fit. He was also helped me with the safety equipment I by law need to have on my bike (bell & lights) as well as fenders to keep me mud free and fit both me and Abi for helmets. I got this helmet in hot pink and Abi chose this helmet. She was so thrilled with it she refused to take it off and insisted on showing it to Denny at LettuceKnit. We finally got her to remove it at bed time so we could get her pj’s on.
Rosie still needs a front basket, rear rack and panniers as well as bike locks. Suggestions for good locks? And I’m going to knit a bike seat cozy…I thought Knitty had one  but I can’t seem to find it in their archives.

Mostly comprising of pictures.

Yeah, I could be a smart blogger and spread these pictures out over a few blog posts but that would be being smart and right now I’m sleep deprived, over caffeinated and a wee bit achey, in other words I’m feeling like I’m a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

So I present to you things that make my life easier…

A brand spanking new Travel Mug:


Ain’t she pretty!?! This travel mug is stainless steel, and comes with two diffrent lids: a regular lid and a french press! The french press lid is great for my loose tea habit. I’m even more impressed with just how long it keeps a drink hot! This morning I made a cup of coffee at 7am and 1/2 hour later when we were all set to walk Abi to daycare it was still scorching hot so I left it thinking it would be cool enough to drink when I got back…at 8:15ish my coffee was finally cool enough to drink and only in the last 15 minutes (it’s 10:00am) has it become lukewarm! Can I tell you what a boon this kind of heat retention is for a parent/caregiver! My drink was hot/warm for a good two hours!

My new walking buddies:


YakTrax! I live in an area where clear side walks are the exception. Most people just let the city Bobcat Crew do the work for them. Problem with that theory is the Bobcat only comes out after a heavy snow to clear off theends of driveways that the plow has filled in and to remove the bulk of the snow from the sidewalk. It still leaves two plus inches of snow still on the pavement so No Dear Neighbor your sidewalk is not clear and emptying a bag of ice onto it just makes it feel like your walking on marbles and with the number of elderly in this area that’s really not a nice thing to do!

Finally Mama’s got a brand new Bag!


When your a public transit riding parent/caregiver it’s important to have the right bag for the right job and this my friends is the bag for me! It is big enough to hold the necessary items for an outing (diapers, wipes, pullups change of clothes and snacks) with the kids, yet it’s small enough to make maneuvering transit a breeze.

All these lovelies are from my beloved MEC, that place almost makes me want to go all outdoorsey!

I think I will actually stretch my photos over two posts since the light isn’t playing ball.

Fleece Auction 2007

It’s the final day of the Royal and that means FLEECE AUCTION!!!!!! Me and a few of my Fiber Comrades are meeting up at noon and heading out en mass.

Last Monday I went to the Royal with the kids and my sister and her main squeeze Peter, I had meant to do some fleece recon but forgot. We did however see a car that was made from 85% agricultural product that a group of students at a British Uni made.


My Sister fell in love with the Alpacas. If she were to get a set I could totally help her with disposal of their fleece…


(crappy shot of the Alpacas I know but people would not move out of the way)
Abi got a kiss from a ram. (you can totally see which animals are hand raised)

As for today I honestly don’t know if I’m going to buy a fleece, I didn’t reach my goal of spinning up 1/2 my fleece stash and space is becoming a premium in our bedroom what with Liam’s crib and my bins of fiber and yarn. Last year my goal was a chocolate brown fleece and I found a nice one, this year it’s a gray fleece I’m after and if I don’t get one today I know where I can get one…

Importance of Community!

There is something wonderful that happens when you find your “tribe”. An old roommate would go on at length about the importance of finding “your people”, although she was making it clear that those of us in the house were not her “people” she did have a point (and if anyone tells her I have agreed with something she said there will be a reckoning of biblical proportions on your bum!!!). My people are a large and diverse group of very creative ladies (and a few men) the bulk of whom get together to drink and knit atleast once a week. Although not all of us knit or drink and it’s ok because we are a community and we support such decisions.

Wednesday night I was finally able to get out to a Knit Night at LettuceKnit! I packed Liam, my current sock (didn’t even get a single stitch done!) and the Drink of Our People: Hard Cider and booked it. It was a wonderful night! I got to eat a meal uninterrupted whit it was still hot (!!!) and Liam was only returned to me when he was looking for some boob. NOTE FOR THE NEW MUM: When out with a safe group of people take full advantage of all those people who want to get a snuggle with Baby. Getting out for those few hours did more for my mental stability than any SSRI ever could! These ladies are an amazing source of support and a wealth of information.

If I were better slept then I would have a way better post about my deep love of these ladies but I have a toddler and an infant with sniffles so I am loving the Rocket Fuel strength coffee and making a to do list to keep me from wandering around the house trying to figure out where do I start…