Time stops for no one

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve had a series of posts lined up, just needing photos or links addedthen some time passes and another post topic comes up…then more time passes…we can see where this is going. In short, I’m so freaking behind in posts that I could either forget those posts entirely, make a mega post with far too much info or just give a breif synopsis, which is what I’m going with.

First up, the basement. It is done and I couldn’t be happier about it! We will be eating red beans & rice for the forseeable future to pay for it, but our house will no longer burn down from the ancient knob & tube wiring or the shitty job some moron who clearly didn’t know the basics of electrical safety did. Al, the Electrician did an awesome job in making everything safe. Contractor Neil & his crew did a fabulous job with all the non electrical & I look forward to having him back in a few years time to do the kitchen reno. Chris & I have our bedroom set up downstairs so now the kids can each have their own rooms. By the weeks end, we should be done with the cleaning & painting the kids rooms. We had hoped to have them all set up by the end of October, but we hit a bit of burn-out so had a bit of a break.

(Please ignore the chaos, we are slowely getting the bits and bobs organized)


My Girl Cave is everything I wanted it to be and more.



In keeping with the creativity thing…I’m once again participating in NaKniSweMo. This time I think I stand a good chance of finishing too! I’m knitting Comfort Cardigan from some well aged Auracania Nature Wool Chunky from the stash.


I also learned how to make moccasin’s earlier this month, but that will become it’s own post. My plan is to try to get back into the habit of weekly blogging, so things don’t pile up again & so my Mum can keep better tabs on me & my antics.

The end is in sight….

I realized the other day that our little house has been under going reno work since the end of April, that’s 5 months people! Five months of dust, debris & hammering, but it ‘s almost done and been totally worth it!

On Thursday we received a delivery of drywall, Roxul, doors and other sundry items. Friday, things got going.


That stack of drywall in what will be our bedroom is 1/2 of what it was on Thursday.

Now that the walls are becoming solid fixtures, I am able to get a way better vision of the space, my spatial awarenss often leaves a lot to be desired which is why we had a last minute addition to the space. Originally, when the framing was done, there was no division between the laundry and the Girl Cave, after a chat with Neil the contractor, it was decided to add one as it served a few very usefull purposes.


1st : at some point some Einstein decided to carve out a joist to allow for the drain for the tub in the loo on the main floor. I don’t have a photo of the damaged joist as I found it very upsetting. People, joists are important to the structural integrity of your house, which means, DON’T SCREW with them! Unless of course you want your house to fall down around you. The wall between the laundry and Girl Cave runs right under this weakened joist, shoring it up and preventing my tub from one day falling through the floor which would totally harsh my mellow!

2nd: the next thing to get renoed will be the kitchen, it is right above the laundry. There is no point in closing up the ceiling in the laundry only to have to open it all up in a few years to run a gas line for my dream stove (sexy eh?) and fix the plumbing. The wall gives Neil a clean & neat spot to end the drywall.

3rd: creates a room for the stuff you don’t want on display when one has guests and will just look much tidier than having the ceiling just end at a random spot.


Where Nouka is sniffing around is where the loom is going to go. It’s super bright and has enough plugs that I can add additional task lighting.

It’s looking like everything will be done by weeks end, unless the reno gods want to have a laugh at our expense and we can start the painting!

We are not going to be finishing the floor (which was a major savings) but will seal & paint it then lay down area rugs where needed. Since basements have a habit of flooding at least once, it’s much easier to clean up a cement floor & replace an area rug than it is to rip up & replace laminate, sub floor and wall to wall carpeting, plus I find wall to wall carpeting unsanitary. If there had been more money in the budget, I would have considered heated tile, which may happen down the road after all the other stuff has been dealt with.

Do you hear that?

Neither do I…and it’s wonderfull. As of Monday, I’ve got the house to myself for a few hours each day. Correction, other than Al the Electrician and Neil the Contractor banging around in my basement, I’ve got the house to myself. I don’t mind the banging from the basement as that means we are getting that much closer to finished. The reno ground to a bit of a halt while we were waiting for an Electrical Inspector to come by and either give us a gree or red light. I was having quite the internal freak out that the inspector was going to find some teeny tiny thing in a deep dark corner and announce it all had to come out & the house be condemned. Unless the inspector was on crack, this was not going to happen, but I was freaking none the less. Yesterday, the inspector dropped by and gave Al the green light and my electrical panel a sticker.


Let me show you the neat and tidy panel in it’s glory:


I should have taken a before photo, the panel was not that organized prior to Al’s coming by. Neil figures everything will be done in another week and then we can begin the painting, shuffling of bedrooms and getting things back to normal until we reno the kitchen…but that won’t be for a few years, we need some recovery time.