two down, lots more to go…

I’m clearly on a shawl jag! Or I have finally knuckled down to FINALLY complete Denny’s 7 shawl challenge gauntlet she threw down, what…4 years ago?


Yarn: Handmaiden Mini Maiden
Needles: Addi Lace 8US/5mm

Citron is the second shawl off my needles in the past two months. Although, technically, I think my Clapotis may also count towards this little obsession…One the heels of casting off Citron, I have started Milkweed using IndigoDragonfly MCN Sock in the Wounded in the Act of World Domination colourway. Kim’s yarn seems to be playing a large part in this little shawl jag…I have another 4 shawls and 3 sweaters (one is for Abi in the perfect shade of little girl pink!) in the queue that will be knit from her yarn…it appears to be an addiction. And I’m okay with that!

It took a few months…

But I finally tracked down the shawl of my dreams! I first saw it while wandering through the Sheep to Shawl competition at The Royal last fall. There was a woman wearing a largish shawl crossed over her front and tied behind her back. It looked so cozy and warm, I asked her about it and she explained that it was based on the style of shawl that Fish Sellers wives wore. I thought she had said it was Norwegian and once I got home started searching on line and in my reference books but came up short, that is until yesterday morning…I was checking to see when I could expect the next issue of Spin Off in my mail box and there is going to be an article and pattern for a Danish Shawl.

So I Googled “Danish Shawl” which brought me to the coolest website (you will need to run the other pages through Babel Fish) and they SELL the pattern for this shawl! The website gives the contact info for the North American seller of these patterns. I fired off an email to her to place an order for the patterns and a few emails later I discover that She was wearing one of these shawls at the Royal last fall while she was competing in the Sheep to Shawl with the Etobicoke Team…funny how things can come full circle.

I do believe I have found a pattern for my Lincoln lamb fleece.


When a favourite sweater has been felted beyond being wearable by anyone other than an Oompaloompa there really is only one way to help sooth the pain: Cashmere…specifically Fleece Artist Cashlana


90% Cashmere, 10% wool it’s just lovely and destined to become a Wool Peddlers Shawl from Folk Shawls. This is going to become my New Years project and the impetus to revisit Denny’s Seven Shawl Challenge.

Now I just have to keep it from my Sister…She has a terrible Cashmere habit.

Knitting content with Photos!

This will be the second time I have typed up this post and I’m hoping that the computer gremlins are otherwise occupied and this will post successfully.

Quickly onto the knitting!

I present the mostly finished Child’s Placket Neck Sweater from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.


Yarn: about 3 balls of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Prosperous Plum

Needles: Denise #6

Size: Cast on for the 2-4 year old size but the final measurements are closer to the 4-6 year old size which is fine with me as that means it will fit for longer.

Next is some HAWT lace shawl/scarf action:

The Feather and Fan scarf:


This is my new fun knit, I have no idea why but this project is totally turning my crank. Perhaps it’s the combination of great yarn in great colours with a simple pattern that’s giving me some serious instant gratification knitting.

Pattern: Feather and Fan Scarf
Yarn: 2 skeins Socks that Rock (1 skein Moss Agate, 1 skein Backstabber)

Needles: Addi Turbo Lace 3.25mm (LOVING these needles!!! I have all the sizes)

Charlotte’s Web Shawl


I have knit another repeat of the pattern since taking this photo and man again am I ever LOVING this yarn/pattern combination!

Pattern: Charlotte’s Web Shawl from Koigu

Yarn: Handmaiden Mini Maiden (can’t remember colourway but it reminds me of mist, all grey, green and blue)

Needles: Addi Lace 4mm

There may be another knitting post with photos before the weekends out but there are no promises.

7 shawls: The Saga

Progress on the shawls has been slow as I haven’t had/made the proper time to be able to sit QUIETLY and FULLY focus on the patterns. Add in a bit of a finishing frenzy on the various sweater projects for Abi and Baby Boy and a serious case of STR distraction in the form of a feather and fan scarf.

I’m hoping to get back on track in a bit and if all else fails finishing all seven of the shawls will become a resolution for 2008. My biggest stumbling block is that there are 4 as-yet-to-be-cast-on shawls and I keep getting thrown off course by new patterns catching my eye. For some reason this is causing me to have a serious case of either goldfish-itis or Magpie-itis…I’m not sure which description fits better.

And now there is a new twist to my problem: last night as I was lying in bed unwinding from my day I was flipping through the Spring 2007 issue of Spin Off where I rediscovered an article about a shawl that has been crochet and worn by 4 generations of the authors family. In the article she (Regina Rooney) talks about both the shawl, it’s construction and how she spun up the yarn for her version…Now We wants one! This would be the perfect shawl challenge shawl as it combines both of the original goals of the challenge: hand spun yarn and it being a shawl. It also add another element of challenge for me since it is crochet and not knit and I think I have the perfect fiber to spin for it too!

7 Shawl Challenge Update

Ok I think I may have a finalized the list and things have actually increased to 9 shawls but I reserve the right ot start blocking once shawl #7 is off the needles. The other two are just bonuses! Shawls #8 was added when a wayward ball of lace yarn was located in the stash and the yarn for #9 followed me home from Knit Night.
The progress so far:

Lace Wings




Charlotte’s Web


The previously projectless yarns


Clockwise starting with the green yarn: Suri Blue, Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud (2 balls), Mini Maiden, JaggerSpun Zypher (2 balls), Suri Blue and finally the center ball is some more Jaggerspun Zypher. Both of the jaggerSpuns were hand dyed by me.

The full extent of my insanity


Back row from the left: Kiri, Lace Wings, Charlotte’s Web (second shawl in from left on link) and Spring Things Shawl

Front row from the left: Icarus (scroll down), Shetland Triangle and the last three shawls are going to come from my new favourite book Stahman’s shawls and scarves.

Strangely enough I don’t feel at all overwhelmed by this, perhaps it’s the pregnancy hormones causing an increase in the nesting instinct. As I was explaining to my Mum last night I’m taking up this challenge to improve my knitting skills but mostly because I have had a fear of lace knitting for too long and what better way to get over a fear than to dive head long into it. I think she is hoping for a shawl at the end of this…who knows she might get lucky!

More challenges with the 7 Shawl Challenge

I had another post that was more of a venting rant about people with petty complaints and how there are more important things to get upset over (child sex trade, dowry murders, treatment of the poor in our own country etc) but I have decided to just let it go. Some people will just never get it and they are not the ones who would be reading the post and even if they did they would be simply condescending twats who would dismiss my comments as the ravings of an overheated, pregnant, tattoed, socialist with no sense of humor. Instead I give you a post that does not give me indigestion but reassures me that there is still a healthy dose of goodness and creative energy kicking around…(yes I’m letting my return to the earth, accidental counter culture childhood show).

I think I may have made a slight tactical error…I bought a book and now I’m enthralled with some new patterns.

A few weeks back I picked up the Summer Issue of Spin Off magazine where I read the article about knitting a Faroses shawl from hand spun yarn to help a friend (Imping Julia pg48) through a difficult time (think prayer/comfort shawl). In the article the author says she got her patterns from the book Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves, I being the book junkie that I am went searching and found the book. A Book Accident ensued and um…yeah…I think I’ll be revisiting my pattern list and swapping out a pattern or two. I’m now on the hunt for a book called Bundanaurriklaedid (scroll down) that is referenced in the book.

7 shawl update.

As of this morning I have 3 of the 7 shawls cast on: Kiri, Lace Wings and Charlotte’s Web.

My goal is to cast on a new shawl as a reward for finishing another baby item. Technically I could cast on a fourth shawl since I finished a set of booties last week which match the hat I cast off the week before, but I think I’ll count that as a set to stretch out the fun.

Rocketry is quite close to being cast off, just have to knit the trim and sleeves, sewn in ends and add buttons, I think I’ll be casting on shawl #4 by either Sunday night or Monday.

So, Denny…what is this new lace yarn the store has?

The 7 shawl challenge AKA How many times can I mention Denny in one post?

Since Denny clearly threw down the knitted gauntlet in an earlier comment and the recent barrage of cute baby knitting is making me feel a might bit creatively cramped I have decided to pick it up and run with it.

As with all challenges there are rules (Denny’s challenge, Denny’s rules):

There must be 7 shawls cast on.
There is no deadline (I personally like this rule)
Pretty stitch markers are a Must since such an undertaking will involve some serious KIPing.
There are apparently more rules but Denny has yet to let me in on them. I’m thinking she is making them up as she goes!

After a bit of searching and the discovery of three more shawls worth of yarn in the stash (go stash busting action!!!) I narrowed my choices down over two days and the confirmed list is as follows:

Lace Wings (started) Sea Silk on assorted needles

Kiri (started) Alchemy Haiku on 4.5 bamboo

Charlotte’s Web Mini Maiden

Icarus Shawl KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud

Shetland Triangle Suri Blue in Moss

Bird’s Eye Shawl Jaggerspun Zephyr hand dyed tangerine orange by me

Luna Moth Shawl Suri Blue in Peridot

Now I have to take stock of what needles I have and what changes (if any) need to be made to the assorted patterns so that they work with the yarns (I’m looking at you Denny, for help with this last part!). The final bit is to acquire any needles I’m in need of (preferably in the Addi Lace size range) and make some more stitch markers (if needed).