Wild Hair

More often that is probably good for me I get “ideas” which quickly become “obsessions” or as I like to call them “Wild Hairs up my Butt”. These “hairs” most often have a fiber/textile focus, in my pre-fiber junkie days they covered the gamut from piercings to learning guitar, Chris is much happier that I have a focuse now. A friend once theorized that these obsessions are probably a low level manifestation of manic depression seeing as I have a family history of that illness. It’s an interesting theory, there may be some stock in it, but that’s besides the point. The point is that I have a wild hair up my butt that should last me through the summer and it’s pretty awesome!

Allow me to outline my plan (which contrary to Dr. Steph’s plan, it will not be me giving all my Indigodragonfly yarn to her!):  Kim dyes yarn, she dyes REALLY AWESOME YARN! and she & her man Ron give these yarns REALLY AWESOME NAMES! Put awesome yarn colours with awesome colourway names and have these awesome yarns made by a local-ish (based in Haliburton) small company, my resistance becomes futile. The fact that Kim and Ron are REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE is just icing on the cake & I think I just used up my awesome quota for this post…

It appears I have amassed a respectable collection of this AWESOME YARN (sorry, needed one more), a fair amount of which is fingering to lace weight and I’m fond of shawls, put these two things together and I’m feeling a Summer of Shawls coming on. I’ve made stabs at Summers of Shawls in the past & failed miserably mostly due to over commitment & a complete inability to accept that I cannot bend the space time continum to suite my needs. Drawing on these previous failures and my brand new mad knitting beaded lace skills I picked up in a recent beaded lace class with Laura Nelkin at Lettuceknit, I’ve set a goal (that sounds much better than ‘a plan’) of knitting three shawls with Indigodragonfly yarn between now & Labour Day.

The Shawl & yarn combos are as follows:

Aestlight Shawl using MCN Lace, Drusilla colourway – I started this in September 2011, it some how got buried in the Closet of Shame where it was excavated from the stash during the big stash organization binge I went on in January. I’ve hit a tricky part that I can’t quite make sense of yet which was probably why it was set aside way back when.

Colour Affection Shawl Of Nerd Awesomness using MCN Sock, Did I Listen to Pop Music Because I was Miserable or was I Miserable Because I Listened to Pop Music; and two skeins of  Merino Sock in Also, I can Kill you with my Brains and Bunnies, Bunnies! It must be bunnies! This shawl combines two of my favourite nerd/geek shows & a favourite book/movie.

The last shawl is Faberge, using a skein of MCN Sock in Did I listen to Pop Music… and a skein of Merino Sock in Slutty Thursday Things & it’s got beads! I have some charcoal seed beads but after the class with Laura, I’m concerned that the metallic lining on these beads may wear off & cause problems with the yarn or bleed/leach something onto the shawl. I really should just steele myself for a run up to BeadFX for the type of beads Laura reccomended and bring along a non crafting person who will slap my hand when I get distracted by something shiney or start getting “ideas” then before I know it, I’m some how $100 lighter than when I came in.

With my bathroom reno coming to an end and with it the subsequent chaos & upheaval it creates in ones life, I plan to get back to a semi regular blogging & crafting schedule as I have quite the backlog of stuff to show & tell like how I finished my first big weaving project, the new veggie patch & probably some other stuff…





When a favourite sweater has been felted beyond being wearable by anyone other than an Oompaloompa there really is only one way to help sooth the pain: Cashmere…specifically Fleece Artist Cashlana


90% Cashmere, 10% wool it’s just lovely and destined to become a Wool Peddlers Shawl from Folk Shawls. This is going to become my New Years project and the impetus to revisit Denny’s Seven Shawl Challenge.

Now I just have to keep it from my Sister…She has a terrible Cashmere habit.

Watertank trials and distraction photos

The repair guy arrived at 8pm and the verdict is: They don’t even make this model any more (it was installed in 1985!!!) so getting parts for a patch job to hold us over till we get a replacement aren’t possible and they will have to line our chimney when they do install the new tank. We are without hot running water till Tuesday at the earliest so until then we are having to boil large pots of water on the stove for baths and dishes. Chris is coping well with the bath situation considering our 40ish year old avocado green tub just wasn’t built for people who are 6ft6. Unfortunately our present bathroom is just too small to put in a bigger tub so that will have to wait till we can put on the addition we want.

Luckily we had some cupcakes from Life Is Sweet Cupcake shop on hand Friday night to lighten the mood…I think Chris was really worried that things were going to cost way more than than what the actual price tag will be.


The cupcakes are from left to right: Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, (top) Earl Grey w/orange icing, (bottom) Caramel.

They were all very yummy with a proper butter cream icing, unlike some other places who falsely refer to their icing as “Butter cream” when in fact I don’t think there is the slightest bit of butter in them.

And I have been working away on the Lace Wings shawl (this is from Friday Morning, there is another inch or two on it now)…


It took me a bit to get the pattern, thank the Gods that one of the Knit Night Chicks was also working on one last Wednesday so she was able to help me get over the first few rows. Now it’s mostly smooth sailing except for a missed yarn over two rows down that took me about 15 minutes to figure out as my problem, luckily the rows are still short so it didn’t cause a toss and curse.


I have recently become interested lace knitting, I have yet to breach that particular style but I am gathering the necessary supplies.

My first piece will be the Candle Flame Shawl which i will knit with the Jaggerspun I dyed up in the flamey colours and I’m going to follow that up with a daring attempt at The Peacock Feather Shawl by FiddleSticks Knitting with the other Jaggerspun I dyed up last week. I also seriously considering joining the Lace Club at PoshYarns…