There is a woman in this city who keeps few backyard chickens! She blogs about it here: Toronto Chickens and has started a petition to change the city by-laws that make it illegal to keep fowl in your backyard.

I think it would be quite cool to have a few chickens of our own, especially as Liam gets older…I have a feeling his teen years are going to be quite hard on the food budget!

Spinners dream team

It’s no secret I want to retire to a self sustaining off grid small holding where I will among other things raise some sheep who’s fleece I will spin, weave and knit. I’m having one of those days where the fantasy is one sold house and a biodiesel pickup (and a drivers licence) away from reality. So to content myself I’m thinking of what kind of flock would I like? Do I go purebred? Or get all Mad Scientist and get a mixed breed?

What would make up your dream team and why?