Spinning doldrums

I’ve been in a bit of a spinning slump and have been avoiding the wheel like the plague.

For a while I was blaming my wheel, but in reality the problem was the fiber I was forcing myself to spin up. It was (emphasis on the “was”) a nice Lincoln fleece that I had sent out to be processed and the particular mill didn’t do such a hot job as a fair amount of the fiber is felted/matted which makes it a complete PITA to spin. I was a really green spinner when I bought the fleece and sent it off to be processed so the less than stellar processing wasn’t obvious to me at the time. I tend to not spin up fiber unless I have a specific project or technique in mind so the fiber was left to “mature” in the basement until recently when I had the brilliant (read: demented) plan to knit an old school Leafs hockey jersey from yarn I had spun up and dyed blue with woad. The sweater is one of my favourite stories…But I digress and this fiber has turned into a complete dog to spin, I’m hating it something fierce and glare at my poor wheel every time I walk by it, but my “can’t let it go to waste” upbringing and very stubborn James personality is keeping me from pitching the whole lot. Until I come up with a decent plan the fiber is back in the basement serving double duty as insulation (or so I tell Chris) and I’m still annoyed enough that I’m having a spinning pout. Not the most mature attitude I know, but it was working for me till the post lorry stopped at my door an the Postman handed me a box that contained this:

My May Colourways Club Batt… Le Sigh, I see some spinning happening once I’m done mopping the floor!

And just because I’m a terrible enabler and even worse at remembering to take photos, you can look at the previous months colourways and projects here.

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