Return of the Fleece…

I got THE CALL last thursday from Wellington Fibers…my fleece were ready and waiting. Did I want to come and get them or have them shipped?

Seeing as I’m of the vehicularly challenged persuasion I opted for having them shipped and have been anxiously awaiting their arrival.

They were so worth the wait!

4.40 Lbs of dark brown Lincoln. It’s just too soft for words and makes me a bit sad that my first Lincoln fleeces were so poorly processed by the mill I had sent them to. This was back when I had first started spinning (will not name names as it is a moot point now…) and had yet to learn of the joy that is having one’s fiber processed by Wellington. Suffice it to say I’m beyond pleased with the final product I get back from Wellington and recommend them to anyone who will listen.

3.07LBS of Romney and oh sweet jeebus! It’s fleece like this that make me want to break all the laws and raise sheep in my back yard! This is a beautiful thing that if I have grocked the lay of the land should spin up into a gorgeous natural heathery yarn (the other fleece shoudl do this as well)…If I get the yarn right I see some serious cables of the Viking persuasion or something in a Gansey might work too!

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