Meet Neville

He is Nigel’s sportier older brother. Think of him as a sort of Edward VIII and Nigel as George VI without that unfortunate abdication situation.

Neville came to me via the Community Bike Network who I highly reccomend for getting your bike from. They accept donated bikes which they fix up and sell to support their various initiatives which really becomes a faboulous win-win situation: you will get a really great deal on an older (and often better made) bike with a nice little bit of good karma because your purchase will help CBN to run stuff like the Bike Gift.

BTW, CBN also offers a really great women’s only bike maintenance course called Wenches with Wrenches, I’m so signing up as soon as my schedule let me!

Here’s a parting shot of Neville’s super nifty stem mounted friction shifters:

These are going to take some getting used to as it’s not obvious right off the bat that you have switched gears but according to a very experienced cycle tourer at work they are a better shifter and make you look way more Serious Business.

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