In the words of Depech Mode: Enjoy the Silence

Quiet nights are a rare thing once you have sprogs. Quiet nights where I can get some crafty happenin’s going are rarer still at the moment. But I had one last week when Chris went out last Thursday night to Dueling Grounds fight his little metal men and some stuff got accomplisehd! Sort of as I ran into a bit of an issue.

The Cricket got warped so I can get going on a scarf that’s been in my brain for a bit…using the honeycomb weave structure I learned at my weekend away with Our Denny in Howell, Michigan where we basked in Ms Beth’s fabulous hospitality and took a workshop with Ms Jane Patrick on how to rock a rigid heddle loom!

I was all set to weave when I discovered a fly in my ointment. My plan was simple: warp loom with Louet Gems Sport in Taupe (a really great neutral yarn that helps all sorts of colours POP!!!) weave for an inch or two then use hand spun to create the honeycombs. While I was winding up the handspun I discovered that there is no way I’m going to have enough to weave a complete scarf…Merde! Good thing I have a collection of batts and rovings!

After a little bit of rooting through bins in the basement I came up with two options:

the June Art Club batt Raspberry Truffle

and the Colorways Club Batt from March Mud Season

I also came to the conclusion that I need to reorganize my yarns and fibers into some semblence of order next time I have a day off with no little ones around to “assist”. In the mean time I’m spinning up both batts and will decide later which I think will work the best, but I’m already leaning towards the Raspberry Truffle for the scarf and using the Colorways batt for the yoke of one of Shannon’s Faux Fair Isle Sweaters

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