It’s always better the second time…

I have a new-to-me floor loom…and this time it has all the parts & it even works!

That right there is a Made In Canada 36″ LeClerc Artisat purchased from Michelle.

We’re talking 4 shafts of Jack Loom-y goodness that can (for a fee) be upgraded to 8 shafts!

It can fold up even smaller but with the two loom obsessed midgets who I live with, it was a bit too unstable and I had visions of one of them tipping it over and breaking my loom.

I’m very impatient for my current semester to be over so I’ll have two whole weeks free to get to know Edna II before I return for my final semester.

I have me some plans for this puppy! But first I need to learn how to warp it…will have to call in some experienced help for that.

As for Edna I, she’s currently in the garage. I would love to one day  get her properly assembled or find someone who can use her for parts.

Although, my Dad would take her in a flash, order the replacement parts and have himself a grand old time. He studied Engineering and I’ve discovered a lot of male weavers (an wheel builders, for that matter) have either studied or worked as engineers. I think there is something about the mechanics of the looms and the act of weaving that really appeals to their type of brain.

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