Girl who gets crap done!

That’s the theory I’m running with.

My school break was not the restfull break I was hoping for. The plan was to pick up some extra shifts at work, go through my clothes to sort out what fits and what is too big, donate the too big clothes and to get a bunch of WIPs off the needles, crochet hooks and looms. Due to Mother Nature having a sick sense of humour, only some of that was accomplished and relaxation became an abstract concept as we had carpenter bees munching the house (they were chemically evicted) and the basement flood with (thank the Gods) rainwater during a particularly heavy rain storm which led to a two day clean up. I may have done some heavy drinking and heavy petting of some of the finer examples of yarn in my stash to keep me sane…

In hindsight, I have taken these events to be blessings in disguise (or something along those lines) as particularly in the case of the flooding, it led to a bout of decluttering as a dumpster was required. Now that the house is a bit less cluttered, I’m a bit less edgy…but am still longing for a studio to set up my looms (yes, plural, DON”T JUDGE ME!!!!) with shelving to hold the stash, making it easier to find what I need when the fancy hits.

Amidst all this chaos I did manage to get two projects off their respective tools. The Colonnade shawl from the previous post and this little number came off my Cricket loom:

The yarn is Noro Sekku that Abi and Liam gave me for a birthday gift. Although I love the effect of the yarn, in the future I wouldn’t use it for warp as the less spun parts tended to drift apart under the tension of the warp due to the silk and cotton being slippy type fibers without much give. Have a bunch of Noro Kureyon Sock I’m going to experiemnt with next as I have a theory that the wool will create a stickier yarn with a bit more elasticity.

Breakage issues aside, I do love this scarf and look forward to wearing it out as a rustic accessory once this heat wave has broke!

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