The Fall knitting line-up

It’s THAT time…I’m just about done with the steamyness of summer and am craving sweater weather with a vengance! One of these days I’m going to move some place with a civilized climate that makes every day sweater day! Around 25 degrees is about as warm as I like it and I don’t like anything colder than maybe -10, my preferred temperature is probably around the 10 degree mark. But as per usual I’m digressing…

Soon Fall, with all it’s glory will be upon us and there is a serious lack of sweaters for me and the kids (Chris is off the knit list after the Rowan sweater incident…). I’m however, going to remedy this little issue by finally finishing my long neglected Elsewhere, finally add buttong to Abi’s HandSpun Redux sweater and knit her a Little Miss Greenjeans. Liam will be getting a bulky cardi and a Fisherman sweater (sorry that last one is a Ravelry link, won’t be able to see it unless you’re a member). Chris MAY get one last chance to proove himself knit worthy and I MAY knit him a Wash Sweater.

There is the plan for the next few months, my little shawl jag is going to be interrupeted for some Necessity Knitting and possibly some gift knitting or weaving (am undecided about that one, may just gift each of my family members a bottle of their favourite Gin instead. It’s simple, they love it, what more can you ask for?). I’m suspecting the lack of homework will also have a huge impack on my production level…we’ll have to see how that works out.

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