Undercover knitting

While perusing my Ravelry queue yesterday for some inspiration after frogging a bunch of WIPs that had lost their relevancy. I stumbled across the solution for two problems I was facing: a new knitting project AND the kids Christmas gifts! For once I even had all the necessary bits and pieces too! It’s a perfect storm of perfect!

Both the kids have a hand knit toy from me, Abi has a SackGirl and Liam has Eli the Elephant. They love their stuffies and have requested friends be made to keep them company…How could I refuse? Now I have just under 35 days to knit Otto and Sophie without the kids seeing me working on either toy. With no time to waste, I printed off the patterns, tossed the stash for the required yarns, grabbed the needles, flipped a coin to figure which project to cast on first (Otto won the toss),

made a pot of tea and settled in with episode 6 & 7 of The History Of Scotland for some undercover knitting…then I hit my first snag…The Disappearing Loop Cast On. The pattern directs you to the instructions at TechKnitter blog…and I just did not get it! I’m a visual learner and need REALLY good diagrams for something to make sense to me, videos or in person demos are the best way for me to learn…YouTube has a video that worked like a charm!

Once the cast on was sorted I was off and knitting, had the head all set to cast off and start the body…but I had over stuffed it and I was not happy…frogging ensued and there is a do-over this morning.

35 days and counting to knit a bear and a rabbit without being made…

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