Dear Liam:

Today is your fourth birthday.

I should have taken your super speedy arrival as a sign of what we were in for…your possession of a strong James personality became evident quite early on.

As badly sometimes want to stop your growing up, I am loving watching the seeds of the man you will become being planted. You have your grandfather’s love of all things mechanical as well as his habit of throwing an offending item in frustration then asking someone to pick it up for you. I get a kick out of your insisting on picking out a bouquet for me at the flower shop, this bodes well for your future partners. You are developing a love and appreciation of hand knits, in a few years, as promised I will send you to Denny for a knitting lesson just as I did with your sister.

Tonight, there will be Batman cake, your favourite meal (noodles with red sauce and LOTS of cheese) and we will celebrate your fourth year. Happy Birthday my love.






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