Dear Abi:

At some point in the wee hours of this morning, you officially turned seven years old…

Holy Freaking Crap! You’re SEVEN! And are turning into quite the little person! You have a great artistic flair and are regularly entertaining us by choreographing dances to your favourite songs. Soon we will need to buy a second fridge to showcase your drawings.

Your personality has really come into to it’s own. You have announced you will only ever wear skirts & dresses because that is all Denny wears and you want to be like her, I am pleased by this choice of role model as Denny is quite the kick ass chick! Your little observations on how the world works and opinions about situations are both mind boggling and comforting such as your recent comment about never having a DJ boyfriend because they are crazy for the girls and that is just not okay! I do hope you remember that when you get older…

Happy Seventh Birthday Mz. Abigail






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