Cheaper than therapy

I discovered this weekend that it is REALLY IMPORTANT for me to get away for a little while. I need to go someplace where I’m not Mummy or Wife, my responsibilities are few and I can use the bathroom knowing that I won’t have someone banging on the door just as my butt hits the seat…

That place is here:






This wonderful little house in Tivoli, New York became my therapist this past weekend. I hadn’t realized just how badly I needed a weekend away with a band of Righteous Chicks for some fun and fiber frolicking until I got up this morning with a case of abundant patience when the Get Your Ass to School routine started to go off the rails.

The tale of my mental salvation goes a little something like this:

Friday morning, Emily, Tonya & I packed up Emily’s little Matrix (the nerd/geek level of this weekend was getting up to Con porportions and it was all good!), queued up Shatner’s new album on the Iphone and were off to the Hudson Valley for Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool! I would have taken a photo of the look on the border guards face when we told him where we were going and why, but seeing as non of us wanted a body caviety search, I restrained myself.

After nine hours of driving through what we came to call the Apocalypse we arrived safely at that little house pictured above, an added bonus was I had finished my Rhinebeck sweater by the time we passed Albany! Sadly, I don’t think any of us thought to get a photo of me wearing said sweater at Rhinebeck, so you will just have to take my word for it!

Robin & Audrey were already at the house waiting for us. After a quick pee break and unloading of the Matrix, the lot of us headed to Santa Fe for yummy dins. The Fish Tacos (hehehehe) were quite good, but I would have liked more salsa, but I’m a condiment junkie that way…back at the house we made plans for the next day then headed to bed after a 10pm trek to locate some breakfast stuffs for the next day.

There was an incident with the coffee the following morning that I will not be discussing other than to say: medium grind coffee + Bodum = ouchy me.

The next morning found us here:






That’s us, in the car, stopped, waiting to get to the Dutchess County Fair grounds that were 2 miles away! Eventually we did get there…






What happened next will have to wait till the next post because I have a Birthday Boy in the house who has requested tostadas & a chocolate mousse cake for dinner.


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