Over commitment or How I Own a Houseboat on De Nile!

One would think that after almost 10 years of knitting, I would have by now have a general idea of how long it would take me to knit anything. I have learned, yet again, that my grasp of this subtle dark art is so very messed up! In my defence, my last two projects were completed in record time which just skews the numbers six ways from Sunday!

I knit my Rhinebeck Sweater in about 20 days, it would have been done sooner but there were a few days in there when it was impossible to get any knitting done!

Pattern: Idlewood

Yarn: Cascade Eco

This puppy is super warm! At a later date I’m going to reknit the sleeves to be full length.


The second project to screw with my stats was a shawl I started in the car on the way home from Rhinebeck, it was completed in about 2 weeks.

Pattern: Hera Mountain Ridge Shawl

Yarn: Miss Baba Northumbrian Aran (2 sks Shrimp Bush, 1 sks Fox on the Run)

With two projects in a row being completed with such speed, one could understand how I honestly thought I could knit a fingering weight hat with enough time for it to arrive at it’s destination while also working on a NaKniSweMo project. As of this post the hat is just past the 4″ 2×2 ribbing and I’m starting to work on the 9″of body, it’s now going to be a christmas gift…And my sweater…well judge for yourself:

I am creeping up to where I will split the arms from the body…I would definitly be way further along had I not misread the pattern at least three times which required a complete rip & re-knit. Any sane person would have gone in search of a different pattern long before the third re-knit, I took it as a slight to my honour/pride/whatever you want to call it and am now determined ot make this sweater my bitch! Once I get past the arms I am hoping things will just zip along and I’ll finish by months end at which point I will post for the position of Cabana Boy for my Houseboat on De Nile…


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