Bringing the Stash to It’s Knees!

It all started the other day with a moth sighting. After squishing the little bastard and the panic had subsided I devised a plan to reorganize the stash and moth proof it in the process. This could turn into a rather embarassing “Oh looky how disorganized she is!” post and I’m thrilled to provide the schadenfreude for those of you who feel the need. I take pride in my flaws, screw-ups and embarrasements now (it was a very different story 10 years ago) as they all eventually become a learning lesson.

Things got rolling yesterday as the counter productive side kicks were back at school & I was able to lay in some supplies:

The Irish Spring soap may confuse some of you, it’s the moth deterrent. For some reason, moths hate it! I think it was Our Denny who explained her old spinning teacher would bundle raw fleeces with a bar and never had a moth issue ever.  It’s probably due to the strong scent, so I figure if you don’t like Irish Spring soap, any strong smelling soap would work just as well.

Now to the horrow show (those amongst you with delicate sensibilities may want to go here till it’s over). Here is the before shot of my craft space, I would like for it to one day finally be a studio space I can actually work in & not die from a fiberlanche! Today is that day!

I had been quite good for some time after I first set this space up in keeping it orderly, but along the way, it became a dumping ground to hide stuff/clutter when last minute guests were popping over & Oz (our cat) REALLY likes yarn and would often dig through bags & bins in an attempt to steal my yarn. We regularly come home to balls that have been unraveled through out the house. While I was sorting through the bags he tried to run off with some yarn.

First task was to locate the floor, since Chris and I share the space for our respective hobbies/therapies it just wasn’t cool that my stuff was taking over. I brought all the crap on the floor of the craft space to the living room and got down to business. Every thing was sorted, photographed (discovered last night I missed a few so will back track to get them) then entered in my Ravelry stash page. I have a whole new respect for archivists etc! After that was done, project quantities were put into their own smaller zippy bag which were placed into one of the large ziploc storage bags which were labeled: WIPS, Sweater Quantities, Shawl Amounts, Socks, Weaving, Spinning, Kits & Single Skeins. Each storage bag got a bar of Irish Spring tossed in to repel the moths.

As I came across WIPS (works in progress) I decided if I wanted to keep it or frog it, only a few were frogged, the rest were put in the bag to come back to at a later date.

Only a single braid of SweetGeorgia BFL fiber had been sacrificed to the dreaded Moth Gods!

By mid afternoon, I had run out of the smaller zippy bags and the camera battery needed charging so progress stopped for the day. I’ll be resuming later today after I procure more zippy bags… TO BE CONTINUED…



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