Adding to the skill set.

My main New Years resolution was to add/improve to my fiber skills, although these skills won’t necessarily make me more attractive to potential employers (unless it’s a yarn store…oh to dream!) but are still plenty useful!

While stash wrangling I uncovered a long forgotten crochet scarf, I could no longer remember how to make the pattern stitches and had also become a little covetous of Cal Patch’s Wingfeathers shawl. Knowing that I am a visual learner and books can only teach me so much, I did what any smart girl would do, I called Lettuceknit for a private crochet class with Megan. She got me well sorted (she is an excellent teacher, laid back & adjusts to your pace) and I was off to the races. Anne was done in an afternoon, Wingfeathers became my transit project for the next few weeks, Megan was at Knit Night this past week when I cast it off!

Wingfeather blocking under threat of a cat invasion. What is it with cats & their sick need to take a nap on your blocking wollens?!

Yarn: Handmaiden Mini Maiden

Colour: Couldn’t tell you if my life depended on it

Hook: 3.5mm (E)

I’m now riding a little high on my new hooking skills. Wool Eater is looking pretty tempting as my next crochet project. It will do some serious double duty as a skill enhancer & take out a large portion of my sock yarn stash!



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