So I have these sock yarns…

Every so often I come across a sock yarn I really fancy. I fancy it so much that I forget that I am not all that fond of knitting socks as I suffer from a serious case of second sock syndrome. This could easily be solved by wrapping my brain around the technique of knitting one sock inside the other like that character from War & Peace, but right now, socks just aren’t my thing, not that it has stopped me from buying sock yarn in the past with the hope that things will change.

Since nothing has changed vis a vie my relationship with knitting socks and I’m holding to my New Year’s resolution to reduce the stash & purchase yarn only when absolutely nothing on hand will work, I’m coming up with alternative uses for my sock yarns. The loom has been the most usefull sock yarn stash buster and consequently a few gifts have been ticked off a list, but I have a few balls of single ply sock yarns that are not the best for warping a loom as they just don’t hold together under tension & it’s broken warp-a-palooza surrounded by a cloud of some of the foulest language possible.

Ravelry, however, has some really great ideas for none sock or weaving uses for these few balls of sock yarn…


As I’m also itching for a new transit/travel project that is a little more exciting than what I’m currently working on I believe I may have the perfect solution! I just have to decide between Summit, Wellenbaktus, Spectra, Creekbed, Daybreak or Akimbo (I’m not sure about you, but I’m sensing a theme…) or Coquille.






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