My only resolution this year was to get a grip on some new textile realted skills and so far I seem to be holding it up nicely.

In March I signed up for a weaving course so I could finally know how to use my floor loom Edna II. The 10 week course is run by the city of Toronto and held at the Cedar Ridge Creative Center (the old carriage house has been converted into a super awesome pottery shed) which is about 20 minutes by car from my house, or 40 minutes by transit. The other four ladies in my class have been taking weaving courses there for a few years, so that told me something about the quality of the classes! Since I have been weaving on a rigid heddle for a few years now, Christine (my instructor) decided to not make me do the standard first two projects she assigns and gave me the option to choose what I wanted to do. As I’ve never woven on a floor loom I chose to make a set of placemats in a light pink & grey 8/2 mercerized cotton.

After my 5th class I cut my first project off the loom.

Four placemats (two with just the grey thread as weft and two with alternating weft of pink & grey) with just enough warp left over to weave a mini mat that I can put the salt & pepper, assorted condiments in the center of the table.

After the show & tell at class I got down to business of winding off the warp for my next project, a houndstooth plaid wool blanket. The draft came from The Pinwheel: An Exploration in Colour-and-Weave Design which I picked up a few years ago from Camilla Valley which is where Iordered the yarn I’m using as well, Canadian Collection in chocolate brown & raspberry.

By the end of class lat week, I had 1/2 the heddles threaded. The plan for tomorrow night is to finish the threading, sley the reed & start weaving…we’ll see how that works in reality…





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