I just went in for a few tubes of beads…

After school today the kids & I wandered off to our local bead store BeadFX as I needed some new beads for my third Summer of Indigodragonfly Shawl. The plan was to go in, get a few tubes of size 8 japanese seed beads, let the kids each pick out something small and shiny then get out. The plan was working fine until I saw one of these bracelets from the e-newsletter that was in my inbox this morning in person and then things went pear shaped…

These brecelets are quite possibly the easiest and fastest thing I’ve ever made and would be a great craft for those amongst us who have convinced themselves they aren’t capable of being crafty or don’t have the time to craft or whatever excuse non-crafters like to use when dropping one of their weird backhanded compliments on us.

Using tunnel vision, lest I also toss a complete lampwork bead studio set up onto the bill (trust me, it’s a serious risk everytime I walk in this store!), I picked up enough supplies to make three bracelets which I assembled IN THE TIME IT TOOK MY PASTA TO COOK FOR DINNER!!!  Seriously people I had three awesome looking bracelets in less than 10 minutes!

I cut my leather into about 7″ long strips

Slipped one silver bead onto each piece of leather

Then made with the glueing of the clasps. I used magnetic clasps as I find it makes putting it on with one hand easier.

The glue is sold through BeadFX, which makes this an awesome impulse craft!

Tless than ten minutes later (really should have timed it) I had these:

And the requisite human model shot:

The pitted bead was slipping around on the leather so I took Dwyn’s advice and afixed it to the center of the bracelet with a drop of the glue.

There is a variation of these bracelets posted in the projects section of the BeadFX website that I might try next…






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