Because sometimes 2 kids & 2 cats don’t generate enough chaos….

We have added a dog to our home…


Meet Ms. Nouka. She came to live with us through SOS Dog Rescue this past Saturday night and has very quickly made herself at home and everyone but the cats are super happy with her arrival. The rescue transports dogs from a pound in rural Quebec to Ontario for adoption. Most of their dogs tend to be the larger breeds often found on farms & country properties, so if you’re in the market for a large dog, give them a look.


Nouka is a 2 year old Sheltie/Basset Hound cross and was very well cared for by her first owner until circumstances changed, leading her to be surrendered. The only hitch we (actually it just the kids & Chris) have encountered is with her being from Quebec, she currently only understands French. Luckily, I speak French, but for ease of everything, we are working on making her bilingual.

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