Schools out!!!

On tuesday I finished the computer course that had held my mornings hostage for the past 9 weeks. I’m quite glad to see the ass end of the course and some of the class mates. I’m hoping that with this piece of paper that says I can do Office 2000 I can now qualify for a full time job at the ROM since that is what HR said I needed last time I applied for an Admin position. Bet you 10 bucks they will have a new excuse next time I apply…I can always greive it….One of the many joys of being Unionized!

So with my morning free again Abi and I are able to make our triumphant return to the thursday morning mommy group at the Midwives Collective of Toronto. Abi was very happy to see her friends althought I get the impresion that Braedon (I quite certain I have spelled his name wrong) is her perferred playmate, quite possibly because he can take her rough and tumblyness. Abi and Mr. B

One thought on “Schools out!!!”

  1. That’s my favourite*mis*spelling… my grandma does it that way on occasion too. It’s Bradon. (We took the Gaelic bradan and changed it, for a nod to his granddad DONald Stuart Birch.)

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