Travel tales

Now that I have slept in my own bed, with my own pillow and my regular snuggle buddy and had a shower to wash the travel stink off me I shall now regale you with tales of my travel.

I was picked up at about 10:30 in Friday and we headed off towards the Kingston Boarder, as we traveled along the rain got a bit heavier until we got to out first rest stop where it turned to flying slush…this was also where I made the fatal error of having KFC for lunch and rescued Norbert on my first try from the claw toy vending machine thing he had found himself in. I have a feeling he and Dolores may have a bit of a past…

30 minutes down the road I needed a rest stop and convinently there was one (this poor lunch choice some what set the tone for my stomach for the weekend). As we got closer to the boarder the slush became snow…I so hadn’t dressed for this type of weather and tried to knit the collar of my Natalie coat faster, which caused me to mess it up AGAIN!!! and have to frog it back AGAIN!!!! The slush very quickly turned into a nice snow storm that added 2 hours to our trip but Rachel H in an amazing crappy weather driver! She is so goingot help me learn how to drive whenever I get off my heiner and get a licence!
9+ hours, few more rest stops, driver switches and a person drop off later we arrived at our hotel tired, hungry and feeling like it’s Yule eve…we head out to dinner then pop by the Marriott where there were some more of us staying for an hour or so then by 1AM we finally get into bed. None of us slept all that well because of strange bed syndrome…but we got ourselves up and moving and went off to a diner


for a great breakfast.


This was probably the best place we ate the whole time…Next year we will just eat there and eschew the other chain resturants. Norbert seemed to like it as well.

After we arrived


The first mission we had was to make a beeline to The Merlin Tree so Rachel H could get her Hitchiker spinning wheel,


Norbert and Denny seemed to really hit it off and she took it upon herself to show him the Work of our People starting with the Hitchiker.


From there we crossed the floor to have a look at the Golding products. Denny was a bit skeptical that something so showy be a good wheel and loom…I think they are still mopping up her drool, she spent the rest of the trip off and on trying to convince the rest of us that we needed to buy her old looms…


Not too long after this Denny and I made our first purchases

we each bought a great backpack basket from a lovely basket maker…she actually had another on I was seriously considering getting but I refrained…Norbert wanted to be carried arround in one of them but we said no, perferring to have him strapped to the back of my slingpack where he couldn’t get into too much trouble…Or so we thought…


At the blogger meetup Norbert may have made an indecent proposal to Amy…but Denny seems quite proud of her new friend…and from there we all wandered arround in a bit of a daze…so much fiber and great yarns and stuff in one place…

This is going to be a long post so I’m going to break it up over a few days…

7 thoughts on “Travel tales”

  1. I loves the Norbert. Almost as much as I loves that my ass looks smaller than actual size in the shot of the 3 of us walking towards the festival gate. Hee.

    Damn that was fun. But I’m going back to bed now. Oh, and I have your umbrella, btw.

  2. your photos turned out great – i should’ve taken more, MORE! I forgot to ask you to get a photo of my rhinebeck sweater so the diner one may have to do…

  3. Thank goodness. The Rhinebeckless among us are dying out here, and all the bloggers seem to be sleeping it off. Thanks for posting — Norbert alone is worth the price of admission. (And I’m new here — could that be Denny Mc MILLAN? Oh my.)

  4. Yes indeed that is the Infamous Ms McMillan…her and Norbert got along like a house on fire so expect to see some more photos of those two over the next few days.

    Are you THE rams who co-taunts Ms. Pearl-McPhee with our lovely Rachel H ?

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