More Rhinebeck for the Rhinebeckless

When I last left off our band of fiber drunk travelers were… well… fiber drunk! The fairgrounds aren’t huge (I think The Royal is a larger space) but there is just SO MUCH to see, touch and smell that you need a bit of a lie down after a while.

Saturday was very busy and I think both the vendors and the fairground staff were taken a bit aback…The Fold was cleaned out of Socks that Rock not too long after the gates opened and then those who scored a skank stood in line for about an hour (so I was told) to pay for their booty. Hatchtown Spindles (one of the vendors I was interested in) was sold out of spindles by 10:30 (some have said the shelves were bare by 10:15) , needless to say I didn’t get one of their spindles as we were having a really nice breakfast at that time. Robin Wheels took in so many orders that he now has a two year wait list for his wheels.
Many of the Rhinebeck vetrans we met were commenting on how much busier it was this year compared to previous ones and when we went to the Blogger Meet-Up you got an inkling as to why it may have been so busy. There were a shit load of us! If there ever was a good case study of the effectivness of the internet and the blogsphere this would be a good one. There are so many knitbloggers out there and more are arriving each day and it’s branching out, we are interested in dyeing and learning to spin our own fibers and making road trips to fiber festivals where we can play Blogger Bingo and meet these people in person who we have been reading all year. A large number of the retailers could do well to tap into this market, just look what it has done for the likes of Grafton Fibers and Socks that Rock, both of whom were bloged about by highly respected knitbloggers and now these already great products are the hot items to get your twitchy little knitter/spinner fingers on.

But back to the photos…I noticed that there were more than a few gaps in my picture taking because I was often so overwhelmed with whatever it was I was looking at I would forget to take a picture…

For the rest of Saturday we wandered arround the fair trying to see what there was and what we would come back to see Sunday for a closer look.

Norbert asked for a few introductions be made.


We left that evening quite happy with our purchases and a little bit overwhelmed.


There were plans to attend a few after parties (yes they happen and are a super crazy fun) but we were so tired from not sleeping the night before and we all realized that in our excitement we had all forgotten to eat lunch that we skipped the parties and went off in search of a target and dinner which in itself became a bit of a trial.
Sunday morning we packed, went for another yummy breakfast at the Diner (we have decided to exclusively eat all our meals there next year) then off to the Fair for some last minute shopping and to pick up Dr Steph then head home.

But first Denny (still weak in the knees form her Golding experience from the day before) was determined to give that loom the serious technical once over…


And she planned on asking Tom Golding some serious techy questions…


I think she is blushing…

Norbert asked a few more introductions be made


Although I think this Goat was a bit pushy even for Norbert


This is probably the coolest things I witnessed


that woman has one of her Angora bunnies on her lap and she is spinning right from him/her. She would pluck off some fiber and spin it up, stop, pluck some more and then continue spinning and the rabbit was quite content to just sit there and be plucked and spun…

Stay tuned as there is still Denny, Mel and Norbert at the CIA and finally the Purchases…

4 thoughts on “More Rhinebeck for the Rhinebeckless”

  1. By Sunday when I saw the straight from the bunny spinning, my brain was totoally overloaded and I breezed on by thinking this was normal. Only later, after a good nap, did I relaize what I saw and said “holy shit, that’s wild.” She could spin on and on and on and never stop until the rabbit was dead and stopped growing fur. Wow.

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