Side trip

Part way between our hotel and the Fairgrounds was the CIA, each time we drove by Denny and I would stop and stare out the window at the hulking beauty of the campus. On Sunday we asked Ms. Rachel if she could swing us by the campus for a bit of a look arround…


This is a beautiful campus…


made even more beautiful by the serious leaf action that we seem to have been short changed on in Ontario.


Denny and I met a girl named Mackenzie at our hotel who had just moved from Colorado to attend the CIA and she gave us the skinny on the school. Your tuition is 45,000$ a year!!! Holycrapola Kids! Then you still have your Room and Board which is another 1200$ a month plus all your supplies but you DO get your chef whites embroidered with your name (green for Culinary, gold for Pastry).

Norbert required some convincing to get back in the van…


As we drove throught the campus trying to find the way out we were getting a bit concerned that it was a Hotel California type place we came to the conclusion that a goodly chunk of the tuition must go to grounds keeping.


This final shot is another view from the campus, the great expanse of the Hudson, the fall leaves and a super long train…Makes one *almost* want to attend…or spend that 45K on building a great studio space and filling it with some great looms and wheels…

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