Jane Sweater…

I have a feeling we are not going to be friends, this sweater and I!

Yesterday afternoon while Abi was on marathon nap #2 (the puking on Wednesday night morphed into a nasty assed head cold, luckily she seems to have my constitution and after a day of sleeping and sweating it out she was ready to go to day care to day) I was able to finish knitting the second front piece and seam it up. Let’s just say that it was not pretty…the two sides met with no back of neck gap. This description will make way more sense to those who have knit this sweater. I removed the seams and tried something else that so did not work. My other option is to remove some of the sleeve seam there by lengthening the back of the neck realestate and hopefully this will work other wise this sweater will find itself either frogged and reknit into something else or become an eternal UFO!

I think I’m going to console myself by casting on the Norwegian baby hat pattern Adrienne posted, the pattern has been translated into english and I think the variegated blue yarn My Jen (no I haven’t licked her and claimed her as my own. I know too many Jen’s so I have to distinguish for people, so there is My Jen and Our Jenn and we also have a My Joyce (still no licking and claiming) and Stu’s Joyce) gifted to me for my birthday along with the worlds biggest shot glass (ok it’s a vase but man after yesterday I could so use a shot that big!). I think this yarn will look stunning knit up as this hat and I may have enough yarn left over to knit Baby Boy a pair of matching booties!

Have to admit to a bit of knitters guilt here…I was a brand spanking new knitter when I was expecting Abi so the idea of knitting for baby garments freaked the crap out of me so she didn’t get anything hand from me till she was about 4 months old (my Gramma did however make up for my lack of knitting and made Abi 2 sweater sets as well as 3 or 4 sets of booties) and so far I have a bunch of things in the pipe for Baby Boy…which I should probably get a wiggle on.

One thought on “Jane Sweater…”

  1. The Jane is making me crazy, too. I had only a small gap at the back of the neck, and the fronts pouch out badly at the sides, under the arms. I think I’m going to rip the fronts back and do them again with more decreases so that the tops are narrower, and then I’ll do a bit of extra seaming where they meet the sleeves.

    Beautiful yarn; very odd pattern.

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