The 7 shawl challenge AKA How many times can I mention Denny in one post?

Since Denny clearly threw down the knitted gauntlet in an earlier comment and the recent barrage of cute baby knitting is making me feel a might bit creatively cramped I have decided to pick it up and run with it.

As with all challenges there are rules (Denny’s challenge, Denny’s rules):

There must be 7 shawls cast on.
There is no deadline (I personally like this rule)
Pretty stitch markers are a Must since such an undertaking will involve some serious KIPing.
There are apparently more rules but Denny has yet to let me in on them. I’m thinking she is making them up as she goes!

After a bit of searching and the discovery of three more shawls worth of yarn in the stash (go stash busting action!!!) I narrowed my choices down over two days and the confirmed list is as follows:

Lace Wings (started) Sea Silk on assorted needles

Kiri (started) Alchemy Haiku on 4.5 bamboo

Charlotte’s Web Mini Maiden

Icarus Shawl KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud

Shetland Triangle Suri Blue in Moss

Bird’s Eye Shawl Jaggerspun Zephyr hand dyed tangerine orange by me

Luna Moth Shawl Suri Blue in Peridot

Now I have to take stock of what needles I have and what changes (if any) need to be made to the assorted patterns so that they work with the yarns (I’m looking at you Denny, for help with this last part!). The final bit is to acquire any needles I’m in need of (preferably in the Addi Lace size range) and make some more stitch markers (if needed).

11 thoughts on “The 7 shawl challenge AKA How many times can I mention Denny in one post?”

  1. one of my rules is it must be handspun, but if you are using stash thats good too.
    I’ll let you know more rules ( am not making them up as go along)

    Onr of the rules is even though you cast them on, they cannot be blocked till the last one is done

  2. oh and they need to live in canning jars till their blocked.

    One of (self) rewards of completingthe project is new blocking wires


    Which I will sell to you. Because it makes me look good….no no no because you deserve them.

    welcome aboard knit sib

  3. I have one question:

    Is she allowed to wear them if they are not blocked?

    It sounds a little cruel that Mel can’t wear any of them till they are all done.

  4. …. but you get to put them in canning jars and put them on display…..

    this is starting to sound weird… I need to explain at S. N. b.

    (harlots bird day) I’m making cupcakes.

  5. I have 4 on the needles…is there something in the water???

    New yummy hand dyed? You know I’m helpless with the hand dyed….

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