7 shawl update.

As of this morning I have 3 of the 7 shawls cast on: Kiri, Lace Wings and Charlotte’s Web.

My goal is to cast on a new shawl as a reward for finishing another baby item. Technically I could cast on a fourth shawl since I finished a set of booties last week which match the hat I cast off the week before, but I think I’ll count that as a set to stretch out the fun.

Rocketry is quite close to being cast off, just have to knit the trim and sleeves, sewn in ends and add buttons, I think I’ll be casting on shawl #4 by either Sunday night or Monday.

So, Denny…what is this new lace yarn the store has?

3 thoughts on “7 shawl update.”

  1. There is new every single day.

    mini maiden……check

    suri blue….did you get some of that?

    new hand dyed sock yarn by our Laura…..you haven’t seen yet

    new lornas laces…….that came in just before SnB last niht.

    I’m in the shop on friday………..winding……..come vist………bring My Sweet Abi.

    and mints.

  2. Have two skeins of Suri Blue.

    Am going to be in the area today as I’m getting a massage…need to get some addi lace in US6 (4mm), the mini maiden keeps snagging on the Denise join!

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