Quiet Fridays

I love Fridays, it’s the day where I have the house all to myself, Abi is at daycare and Chris is at work. I haven’t had this much sidekick free time in almost 3 years. I’m going to miss this in a few months so as they say I’m going to make hay while the weather holds and enjoy it.

Since I’m still feeling tender from the office clean up (damn that relaxin hormone loosening off all my joints!) and don’t want to undo the good from the massage I’m taking things slow today. I’m also housebound (hopefully just for the morning) waiting for Purolator to redeliver a box so Chris can return his 360 to Microsoft for a repair, it decided to flip him off this week by flashing the three rings of death. I’m using this time to make some serious headway on Rocketry, crunch some numbers for the 7 Shawl Challenge and become reacquainted with the couch and CBC radio. Hopefully Purolator will be as timely as they were yesterday (noon! sadly I was off getting massaged and missed them) so I can then head off to Lettuce Knit to pick up the two sets of Addi lace needles I need for the shawls and get myself another BBQ tofu sandwich from Urban Herbivore (these have become THE food of the second trimester along with their cranberry lemonade). I also need to visit a LCBO for a small bottle of white wine so I can make up a batch of vichyssoise with the Jerusalem artichokes from last years garden (these things keep for darn near ever!).

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