Not a good sign.

I discovered on the bus ride to work this morning that both knitting projects I had packed were going to be useless until I got home. The knitting on Rocketry could have been completed today at work except I had forgotten the 4th DPN (I think it’s on the microwave in the kitchen) or I could have made some serious progress on my second Norwegian baby cap but I had at some point removed the 3mm DPNs I need to switch to after knitting the 6 rows of garter stitch from the project bag.


2 thoughts on “Not a good sign.”

  1. I hate when that happens, but I have doing that often. Nothing to do but stare out the window.
    I find part of my problem is that I don’t always for enough mindless knitting do to carry with me. Hence why I have started a purple crochet baby blanket for no one. I just needed a project to carry around.

  2. dude – thanks for the pointer on the norwegian baby cap. ADORABLE!

    will you be at lettuce on wednesday? it feels like yonks since i’ve seen you.

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