7 shawl challenge hits its first snag.

I had more or less finalized the list of patterns and tracked down two of the three sets of Addi Lace needles the next step was to have a personal cast on party.

But I hit a snag or to be more specific I found 6 balls of grey Mission Falls yarn for 20$ and suddenly it seemed like the perfect time to cast on for that Dalek Chris had been on about. So on Saturday night during a game of Dungeons and Dragons I cast on a Dalek…could I be more geeky?!


This is a fun pattern that is helping me to learn how to keep carry a yarn along the inside. I actually offered to knit Chris the other two Dalek variants (Dalek Emperor and a Dalek Supreme) but he feels that one Renegade Dalek is enough, I think he is concerned that having too many knit robots on his desk may make his coworkers uneasy.

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