Trying to take it easy…

Chris has instructed me to “take it easy this weekend” and to not go running around after my errand list. I think he is more concerned about the possibility of preeclampsia than he is letting on. So the plan is to veg out, do some light house work, maybe run a quick errand to the baby store down the road, get some knitting done (I have three almost done WIPs) and wait for my copy of the final Harry Potter book. We may also have a small barbeque on Saturday night if the weather is good.

What can be more relaxing than discussing knitting or better yet doing some actual knitting? As of last weekend I cast off yet another baby sweater (the infamous BSJ) and am a good afternoon’s worth of knitting away from casting off the Placket Neck Sweater for Abi. Another afternoon would allow me to sew in the ends of both sweaters and add the buttons to them as well as the **Rocketry I finished up last month. I’m making some progress on the summer knitting list I posted at the end of May but I also wonder if I wasn’t suffering from a serious case of delusion. Luckily I don’t need to have all that stuff knit before the baby can be born so I’m making some amendments to the list. I’m going to focus on finishing up the Quaker Rib blanket, the placket neck sweater and will start the Tomten Jacket for Abi. I’m also going to indulge myself a little bit and cast on a Mini Sweater using the 2 skeins (I have finally found both skeins! I was getting concerned that I had Stash Boggins who were pilfering the good stuff!) of BriarRose Earth Song I bought last fall at Rhinebeck.

**This pattern and it’s friend Tulip have been so popular that the wool mill in Australia has run out of yarn!!! How wild is that?! There isn’t going to be any more till September since the sheep can only grow fleece so quickly.

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