Possibly over did it with the spinning.

I think spinning all morning may not have been the best idea (but man was it fun!) or perhaps it was just the position I was sleeping in during my nap (yes I take afternoon naps!It’s one of my more European qualities!) but man things in the lower pelvic and hip are are tender and a bit stiff!

I’m going to waddle around the corner to run an errand to see if that helps loosen things up otherwise I see my evening plans changing to me hanging on the couch watching Captin’ Tight Pants aimin’ to misbehave and knitting my sock.

2 thoughts on “Possibly over did it with the spinning.”

  1. You could wonder down to Lettuce. I am sure that will make you feel better. Besides then you can see my tuscany and tell me if the voices in my head are right or wrong. haahahahhahaha.

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