Believe it or not there is knitting going on!

Don’t ask me how but I’m actually getting in some fairly decent knitting time even though I have a preschooler and a newborn making huge demands on my time. Perhaps I have figured out time management?

Since it was so stinking hot this past week my primary project was the second Monkey, I have turned the heel and am cruising down the foot, hoping that there is enough yarn to finish. When things were a bit cooler I picked up the Ribbons Blanket I started back in May for Liam, it’s now about 1/3 done…luckily it’s great TV knitting so I think I’ll be finishing it up in good time.

I’m super excited to have found my next sweater project which might become a NaKniSweMo project, the theory being that I’ll spend the time between now and November 1st trying to finish up my current WIPs or at least making some serious progress. The sweater is this one from the Drops website. I’ve been eyeing it for sometime and it wasn’t till this morning that it dawned on me that I have the perfect yarn in my stash (10 balls of Rowanspun in Heath) which has been waiting patiently for me to get it together. I even have a swatch already knit and it measures up quite nicely! Casting on may just happen this afternoon…yes I am weak in the face of a shiny new project!

3 thoughts on “Believe it or not there is knitting going on!”

  1. OMG that’s a gorgeous sweater. I wish the gauge were a bit smaller not only so I could use stash (though I have some dark green stuff that would work) but so I could wear it inside as an elegant work thing.

    Hmmm, I wonder if I’m up to gauge changing…

    Cast on and keep tempting me!

  2. I’m currently working on that sweater too….and am probably going to run out of yarn and I think I made it too short! What colour will you be making the jacket in?

    And I stopped by the Lindenhoff store on Ossington and the yarn is so beautiful. They aren’t not fully stocked yet and only take cash/cheque but it is a nice space. with great yarn.

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