Mock me all you want but I plan to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

NaSewKniMo wrap up

I know it’s not the official end of the month but suffice it to say I’m not going to be done.

A progress shot:


Yeah that’s one (1) sleeve and about 3-4 inches of the body (I’m knitting it as one piece) of the Drops sweater that seems to be THE sweater of the season. So no not going to be done any time soon and it’s going to be a bit as I keep getting distracted by other things like:



For flexibility between jackets I decided to forgo the button holes and am going to put i-cord loops along the button side and sew some buttons along the other side plus when Liam gets too big/heavy/old to be carried in the Mai Tai the i-cords and buttons can be snipped off and it becomes a great lapblanket for the stroller.

Of course Seaweed has stalled out because Mr. Greenjeans called to me.


Since taking this photo I added two more of the raglan repeats. The colour is a bit washed out but the yarn is a great sunny tangerine-y orange and it’s my winter blahs therapy! But it’s at risk of being tossed into the WIP basket because I’m hearing the Siren Song of Suri Merino.


These balls have a brilliant future as a top down Treeline Striped Cardigan inspired cardi. I’m so looking forward to knitting this up it’s just so soft and squishy!

Before I wound it up I rubbed a skein on Liams cheek (did the same with Abi when she was an infant) while explaining to him my intentions for the yarn. He gave me a big smile and a happy gurgle, he may not grow up to be a knitter but he is in a good position to have an appreciation for handmade items!


  1. I am done with nanowrimo even though i have till tomorrow. I have 4,449 words and 12 pages Or I did before I accidently deleted it yesterday. I feel like I have learned what my writing habits are. That perhaps in the future I should write an outline first. A friend is going to scan the deleted pages. I am going to contiue in with it in the new year.

  2. yo heads up…. we got in the wool felt.

    And Megan dyed a whole bunch . They are waiting for you and kids to come in.

    chow denntx0×0x0

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