Rockin’ the Craigslist

I scored a Singer Serger for 75$!!!!

The seller was in Kensington Market so we met at Lettuce Knit for the exchange. It just needs the tension adjusted and luckily for me I have a sewing machine repair shop up the road from me. When I ran it up to them on Friday the repair guy said that my machine was the 8th one that had been brought in that day for a tune up!

Since buying the serger I’ve perusing the intarweebs for inspiration and patterns, now the sewing queue is risking getting as long as the knitting and spinning queues! I have found some great tutorials like:

The Superhero Cape tutorial


and a great pattern for kids pants

And with places like Reprodepot Fabrics and Superbuzzy to keep me in fabrics I may have to clean out a corner of the basement and set up a craft corner…

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