Roller Skates

When I was a kid me and my siblings some how came into possession of some old school metal strap on skates that we spent hours on skating around in my parents basement. I *LOVED* them but eventually I out grew them and as I lived in the country on a dirt road and the closest roller rink was in Oshawa (about a 45-ish minute car ride away) there wasn’t much point in investing in either a new pair of Quads or some inline skates so, I stopped skating.

Then a few years ago my Sister’s Man found a pair of the old school indoor quad roller skates at the Sally Ann which he gave to me but they don’t work so great in the outdoors with their current setup. It would be a simple task of swapping out the old indoor wheels for some new outdoor ones but after two babies my feet aren’t as narrow as they once were so getting into the skates is an adventure. I’m holding onto them in case Abi wants to wear them or I decide to start binding my feet to return them to their previous narrow glory!

Since I still want to skate (really badly I might add), I’m coveting a pair of strap on over your own shoes outdoor roller skates (AKA Skorpions) that I cannot get in Canada. According to the nice CSR I emailed Canadian Tire is the only retailer in Canada and they only carry one model in an older design and it isn’t the one I want so I’m left with ordering them online but the shipping is about 1/2 the cost of the skates (if I lived State side the shipping would be FREE!!! I’m a bit jealous!) and that’s not including any duty or brokerage fees! My other option is to see what RollerGirl can hook me up with and seeing as she is Canadian it’s looking like the better choice.

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