So frickin’ close!!!

Right so I’m *this* close to being done with the spinning the singles for my Corriedale sweater and then it’s a date with Plyville! Of course finding some time for uninterrupted spinning is proving a challenge, ABi wants to “help” by trying to push the wheel to go faster and Liam keeps trying to stick his fingers in the spokes of the wheel. Any spinning now has to be done when both kids are napping (yeah right) or there is another adult around to run intervention but with a bit of perseverance I will be plying by the end of the weekend!

I’m still undecided about the number of plies I’m going to do and what’s going to happen with the yoke. Somewhere along the lines I came across an online ply/yardage calculator and do you think I can find it again? I thought I had bookmarked it but obviously not. If anyone knows what I’m talking about could you kindly send me the link, my Google-fu seems to have gone on vacation!

I’m also going to have to spend a bit of time over the weekend going through the yarn stash with a critical eye and then have a bit of a stash sale si I can make some room in the fiber bins for those three fleeces that will arrive any day now from Wellington fibers! And just maybe I’ll remember to take some pictures of my current knitting projects, I feel that photos make for more interesting blog posts.

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