Nigel or Neville?

I’m undecided as to the name of my new bike. The list has been narrowed down to the two listed above and now I’m stuck. When I look at the bike I see a 50-ish year old eccentric Englishman who owns an antiquarian book store (think an older looking Aziraphale), or if your my family: imagine if Mr Gibson owned a book shop. He has also inspired my knitting, I see myself riding around in wearing something like Smokin’ (ravelry link) or Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan. Can you see it?

and here is it folded up:

Cool eh?

Yesterday I took him out for a ride up to the grocery store for a shop and back with Chris hauling the kids in their trailer. It was a fun ride and I felt quite confident on the road (a feeling I desperately lacked when riding Rosie) but OH DEAR GODS! Am I ever horrifically out of shape, although I didn’t wake up this morning in any pain/discomfort, so it’s looks to be mainly a cardio issue. Some training is definitely in order!

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