The Fleece Auction is Serious Business!

It’s a super high stakes world, not for the feint of heart.

I arrived early so I could procur a roast Bison sandwich with BBQ sauce and fried onions.

I love these sandwiches, so simple yet so very tasty!

Next I picked up my auction catalogue as soon as it was announced they were available. The fleeces were still on display in the Upper Annex, I figured a bit of recon was in order, there were a few that caught my eye.

As there was still a little under two hours to kill before the auction started I went to visit the sheep which is where I met Pepper.

He’s a super friendly, well handled Lincoln who’s gorgeous fleece I’ll be going to pick up in March…and I might get another one while I’m there. Personally this is how I like to buy my fleece, I get to meet the shepherd, see and on some cases touch the animal and also see where the animal lives which can tell you an awful lot about about the quality of a fleece well before you buy one. I kept bring people over to meet Pepper, if I could keep two sheep in my backyard I would want one of Pepper’s offspring.

Soon enough it was Go Time.

Denny, RachelH,  Stephanie and I made up the Rowdy Section, I think the Auctioneer loves us.  There were 35 fleece in total that were auctioned off, the cheapest was $1.75 a pound and the most spendy was a $16 a pound Icelandic. I was out bid on two of the 4 fleece that had caught my eye but did well on the two I did win, a 6lbs black Lincoln and a 5lbs Romney. Wellington Fibers were at the auction and took my fleece back to the mill with them, I expect I will have them back some time around May/June.

It was great to see that many fleece up for auction and also to see more buyers out there.

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