Begging of the Chores

I’m blatantly ignoring some chores (except the grocery shopping as we are low on nappies and bananas) and the Holiday Knitting for this:

Those bins of laundry to be folded in the background just lend some street cred to my refual to acknowledge the cleaning that I should be doing.

I rented the Victoria from Lettuce Knit last night and MAN! I do loves me this little wheel! It’s small, fits perfectly in my small house and best of all it’s about as close to kid proof as I can expect from a wheel. The fact that the carry bag converts to a backpack is just the type of gravy I love. I NEEDS me one, and as of the other day I’m one step close to sharing my home with one…the Sonata has gone to a new home where it will be loved by another and as soon as the Kiwi is gone one of these babies will be MINE!

But enough of my crazy decluttering attempts to live a simpler life, let’s have a closer look at that fiber:

GOR – GE – OUS! Fantom Fibers mohair (sadly or perhaps thankfully no website). I have three bags of their lovely stuff that I’m cherishing like Gollum and that Ring (possibly an unhealthy comparison but you get my point). Next Rhineback (oh yes I’m going to go even if I have to walk there!) I’m going to head straight to their booth (presuming they have one as I don’t think they were there this past year) and buy more! This stuff spins with no drafting and the colours are so pretty! I just love how the mohair pulls in the dye and makes it shine!

One thought on “Begging of the Chores”

  1. Beautiful fibre. Yet another reason not to start spinning the amount of space it takes up in the apartment. I still need oxygen in the apartment. hahahahhahahahahaha.

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