Screw you Headwind!

And since I’m at it Falling Brook Road can bite me along with all those other jerky hills I have to ride/walk up to get to my home!

I spent the better part of my day riding around on Nigel, doing some visiting and errand running. In total I biked just over 10 miles or 16 kilometers (which sounds way more impressive IMHO). The knees are a wee bit sore along with my tushie (Brooks saddles are quite litterally a PITA). The Martin Goodman Trail was a really nice ride except for that stupid head wind and the swarms of high end strollers who refused to give me room to pass even when I gave them a few bell rings to let them know I was coming.

I braved Queen Street East and found it more comfortable to ride on than Gerrard, for some reason the drivers really like to buzz you at the Vic Park intersection.

So my next goal is to ride to work taking Danforth/Bloor and to build up to regularily commuting to work by bike. I’m quite fortunate and by proxy my workmates that I have shower facilities in the locker room at work.

2 thoughts on “Screw you Headwind!”

  1. I hit the opposite winds, as I go east to work and west home.
    I feel like I am always going into the wind – maybe this is in the eye of the cyclist!

    I take Gerrard (between Elizabeth and Broadview) as I really prefer the bike lane.

    happy cycling!

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