Thanks everyone for all the well wishes, we are all quite excited about the new addition, although I think my Nephew is the most excited and has requested this baby be a “Brother Cousin”?!

As for how I’m feeling, this is a very different pregnancy from Abi’s. I’ve actually had morning all freaking day and night sickness (there was a three week period where it was really bad) and the food aversions are intense (green peppers and curry are the same as before, but they brought friends this time). I’m also not as hungry as I was with Abi, this probably has something to do with my seeing a dietitian and eating better than I did before. As for cravings there have only been a few so far, sushi and fish are the two big cravings which I had before, I’m holding off any indulgence in the sushi till later in the pregnancy (knowing Doulas, future Midwives and a tonne of sensible Mums is such a great and invaluable resource!) and have been given a great “Safe Fish List” from my dietitian. The other craving that started a month ago was for a Big Mac, I haven’t had one of these in something like 5 years and yesterday I finally indulged the craving and yeah I think it was actually the “secret sauce” I was hankering. It reminded me of the story of my Mum eating 6 salmon patties which were actually a conduit for the jar of Tartar Sauce she had with them when she was pregnant with my brother.

Abi at this point understands that Mummy has a baby in her belly who she occasionally gives a kiss and hug but other than that she could really care less right now. I think things will be different as my belly becomes bigger and we go for the ultrasound where she can see the baby. I’ve also threatened bodily harm one anyone who asks her whether she wants a brother or a sister, I’ve known more than a few siblings who had some serious issues when the opposite of what they wanted came home from the hospital.

As for my choice in care provider…(mini rant here, feel free to skip to the end)
My identity as a good mother and a woman isn’t tied up in who catches my baby, my only goal is to have a healthy baby and me so I get a bit annoyed when some strongly opinionated ladies get all up in your kitchen because you are doing it all wrong and should do it this way (read: their way) and if you don’t do it the exact same way as they did (regardless of any possible/actual complications etc) clearly you are launching a personal attack on their very existence. Having said that: I appreciate the interest and love to hear peoples birth experiences and welcome the sharing, but I get all sorts of scrappy when a mum (or any woman for that matter) is being brow beaten or made in some way to feel crappy for the choices they made. If you recall our Formothers torched their bras and got all sorts of uppity so that we could stand together as a force and support out RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT IS BEST FOR OURSELVES!!!!!(end of rant…pregnancy makes me scrappier than usual).

So about my decision as to who will catch my kid: I thought a midwife home birth would be an interesting experience this time but as I’m in a section of the city that falls just outside of the cachements for the various collectives in the city I was unsuccessful in my search so I’m going with a doctor in the hospital again. I had an amazingly positive birth experience that I would repeat in a heartbeat (the jaundice and “boundary issues” I care not to repeat) and hope to have as much fun again. That’s right I had a fun birth!

I think there are two people in Alaska who are still in the dark…

I’m all sorts of knocked up and at the end of my first trimester so I’m now making it officially public domain. I know certain KnitNight Cohorts had figured it out some time ago (was it the sudden lack of alcohol content to my beverages that tipped you off?) and the Spydery Gals had figured it out even before I knew (they’re such a clever bunch).

The coolest part of all is that Joyce is due a few weeks before me so I have someone to commiserate with, although Stephanie pointed out that our timing is most inconsiderate for those who have an inclination to do some baby knitting for both of us. With any luck I’ll go early (again) and she will go late (which can happen with first babies) and that will land both of us at the Hospital at the same time therefor making it so much easier for ya’ll to come visit. Don’t say we aren’t accommodating types!

As Chris and I are in complete disagreement for names I’m throwing it out there for suggestions. Feel free to leave name suggestions in the comments.

Proud parenting moment.

For the past few weeks Abi has been eschewing any form of kids morning tv programing for a specific selection of DVDs. For a two year old she is developing some good taste,  there is the selection of Studio Ghibli titles like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle (we still need to get Kiki’s Delivery Service and reclaim our copy of Princess Mononoke as she really seems to like these movies) and then there is the cartoons like Justice League Unlimited and Powerpuff Girls and still keeping with the superhero theme The Incredibles. All in all a respectable list of titles however my attempts to introduce Abi to the greatness that is Jim Henson and his Creature Shop creations have been unsuccessful, until this morning when Abi brought me The Dark Crystal and asked to watch it. We settled into the couch to watch the movie and she was fascinated. I’m hopeful this means that Abi will want to watch the rest of my collection of Henson’s works…and will grow to appreciate his films and tv shows as much as I do.

Collection of commentary thingies…

The New Stroller: Oh sweet Jebus! How I’m loving it! Yesterday was my second full day of running errands and my first with the saddle bags attached for extra storage. I was able to maneuver it through a few very narrow store aisles and go for a few rather long walks which resulted in a serious lack of sore shoulders from a combination of fighting through badly cleared walkways and street crossings and handle bars in a bad position for my height. An extra bonus for this stroller is that I can do the one hand steering! I would suggest that if you are looking at a stroller with similar tires (rubber ones that you pump up) go to a bike shop and get your self a small/portable tire pump so you don’t need to queue up at the gas station air pump like some parents I have seen.

Other Baby Stuff: Yesterday while Tanya and I were visiting we got to talking about what you *really* need for Jr’s first few months and what we regret spending money on and what we which we had had earlier etc. We came to a simple list that will cover you off for the first three to four months:

1) if you are not doing Family Bed; a bassinet or other nice basket for Jr to sleep in. Believe me when I tell you that placing Jr in the crib for the first bit will just result in an unhappy baby. Think of it this way Baby has just spent the last 9 months in a very warm, cozy, slightly cramped room and to go from that to the vast expanse of a crib kinda throws them for a bit of a loop. It was my Mum who suggested that we put Abi in her stroller beside our bed for sleeping until we got a bassinet as a shower gift which we put in the crib and pushed the crib right up against my side of the bed with the side dropped down to make it like a Co-Sleeper and let me tell you that made so many things so much easier for all!

2) Since you will need to get out of the house from time to time so you don’t go a bit nutty…some sort of carrier, be it a sling or a Trekker style front carrier. I had a traditional double ring sling like Heart to Heart (only mine had no padding) for the first six weeks after Abi was born then as Winter was closing in I bought the First Journey front carrier that Baby Trekker makes because I found there was just too much bulk between Abi’s snow suit and my winter coat to comfortably wear the sling out but we still used it in the house. Chris really liked the Little Star Baby Sling (can’t remember how we got that one) over both the Ring sling and the Trekker, he found it felt “solid” and once we got the right size found it way more comfortable. He would “wear” Abi while he was working on the computer and moving around the house, she really liked it and would just snuggle down and snooze for him. There is one carrier out there that gets rave reviews that I don’t care for because most babies out grow it be 4 to six months where as I was able to carry Abi in the First Journey till she was over a year and I was using the Little Star up until this past fall.

That’s the basics for the first few months, which will buy you some time to figure out what you really need. Don’t forget that every one in creation will be offering you their hand me downs and then there are also baby showers. You will be inundated with stuff especially if this is the first grandchild or there hasn’t been a baby in some time. I also suggest sourcing out some good gently used clothing stores in your neighborhood since Jr. will be growing like a bad weed (especially if they are given a diet of Mum Brew) and you can often find clothes with the original tags still on at serious savings!

New toy!

I have a new toy…technically I think it’s actually the household that has a new toy…eh, whatever, this afternoon I went out and bought a new stroller. Rather nifty isn’t it?!

I had been looking for a new stroller for sometime as the Graco Quattro that my Mum and MIL bought us when we were expecting Abi was too big for TTC (but perfect for neighborhood strolls and grocery shopping) and my Zellers specialty Maclaren knockoff umbrella stroller was perfect for TTC but not so great for the grocery shopping. I needed something that could be both TTC accesible and carry a decent grocery haul and we are planning more children so the new stroller needs to be a double at which point public transit friendlyness takes a serious nosedive! The final straw was that big storm hit two weeks ago and I had to fight my way through unshoveled sidewalks, piles of slush and banks of packed snow created by the snow plows to get to a Drs. appt the day after. So now the primary requirement of the stroller was that it be All Terraine (or darn near close)!

So let’s review:

I wanted a stroller that would laugh in the face of the standard Canadian Winter, be big enough to hold a good grocery shop yet small enough to comfortably fit on TTC buses and trains (luckily I have two wheel chair accessible buses that run in my ‘hood to a subway station that has an elevator), can carry two kids and since I don’t drive be sturdy enough to deal with some serious wear and tear. I might as well have asked for the answer to 42 while I was at it!

Let me tell you it took some time to find a suitable stroller, I was asking parents who came into work about their strollers, checking out reviews and comparisons, going to stores to get up close and personal. Months! It was months of research. The E3 had entered the search fairly early but I had put it to the side because of the cost was a serious ouchy to the pocket book I was quite nervous about. My local kids/baby store Crayons carried the Phil and Ted’s line of strollers as well as a few other I was considering so I went off to do some serious compare and contrast and came away leaning towards the E3 but still reluctant about the price tag. What finally sold me on the E3? My Granmas opinion that it’s better save up to put down good money for a quality item once and that right now the second seat which costs 99$ was free with purchase of a stroller. My plan is to sell the big Graco for about 75$OBO (to put a negligible dent in offsetting the cost of the new stroller) and the umbrella has gone to live with Tanya as her stroller died in a most inconvenient way recently.

If your looking at buying a stroller anytime soon drop me a line and I can give you my 2cents.

Question for the parents out there.

I just called into work to say that I won’t be in for my shift tonight because Abi is sick and I felt weird about leaving her. My Boss was understanding and hoped that Abi feels better. I’m very lucky to have a boss who is good about this but why do I feel so very odd?

I’m having some very mixed feelings, guilt (which I always feel when I call in sick), paranoia (how will this affect my boss’ view of me) and since I only get 3 sick days a year, concern that perhaps I should be saving those precious sick days for a day when I’m really sick (read: sucking chest wound/things that are normally on the inside are on the outside). There are other feelings kicking around there but I can’t quite peg them down but suffice it to say that I felt wrong about leaving my sick kid with her very capable father while I went off to work and I feel weird about calling in to work to say that my kid is sick and I’m not going to be in.

What I want to know from the Parents’s out there is how do you deal with this? Have you had any difficulties arise? Does it get easier to leave Jr with Partner when they’re ill when you have to go to work?