Wanna know what that is?….it’s the sound of Abigails’ firts tooth as she tries to lick the coffee drips from my empty mug she pinched of the couch. Her daddy and I are quite happy as she is one step sloser to her first steak (grilled, with a side of bernaise, it’s one of Nigellas recipes, look it up). Thrilled as I am, , I will be over the moon the day she throws her first set of Horns, does that make me a bad mommy?


***Ok let’s try this again…I was almost done my post when a little girl hit some unknow combo of buttons and caused the window to close therefore causing my post to be lost to the ether.***

So I’m on my second cup of Rocket Fuel Strength coffee as the little Miss has swapped sleeping patterns with her bud Bradon! I’m thrilled that Mr. B has decided to be kind to his exhausted parents and start sleeping throught the night (granted it has only been for th epast two nights he has done this but, fingers crossed this is a new trend for him) however, Abi has taken to waking up a few times over the course of the night and has decided 6:30am is her new wake up time. I really hoping that this is temporary.

In other news, Chris surprised me with the first half of my anniversary present! Alas it wasn’t the silver acorn earrings I have been mooning over from the jewelery store on Queen West, or a first edition hard cover of the Motley Crue biography…it is WAAYY better! He got me (how I didn’t know about this is beyond me!) The Muppet Show Season 1 DVD set! How cool is that!!! I can now share one of my favorite tv shows EVER with my child! I wonder if she will love it as much as I did? At one point I REALLY wanted to work at the Creature Shop , I used to make my own puppets. I can’t remember why I stopped…Any way I’m thrilled to have this and am looking forward to collecting the rest of the seasons and sharing them with my children. I may even hold a Muppet movie marathon soon…come dressed as your favourite charater…I wonder if this means that Fraggle Rock will be released as a collection???

It’s such a perfect day….

I’m glad I spent it without you…(I’m paraphrasing Lou Reed here)

Today was a lovely if not a little guilt riddled day for me. I got up and did normal Mommy morning routine then I left…Yes I left to go to a dyeing class at Lettuceknit then onto a coffee date with Tanya. I spent about 7 glorious baby and hubby free hours playing with fibers and having coffee with adults!

This “me time” wasn’t without it’s guilt: I felt bad that I was leaving Abi alone for so long (even though she was with her dad). I felt bad for Chris because I knew Abi would be upset and cry for me (this is a strange comforting feeling, knowing that she misses me) and I felt bad that I was excited to not be Mommy for a few hours and to have some uninterrupted time to be creative. I had to keep reminding myself that I will be going back to work in about two months and that Chris and Abi need to both learn to deal with each other without me being arround and that I don’t need to call every ten minutes!

The time to myself was probably one of the best things I could have done as I was starting to feel like my Bitch Mommy (as Ayun Halliday calls it) was going to be on permanent display. I came home with a dinner (two burritos (one chicken, one steak from Big Fat Burrito on Augusta Ave.) that was very yummy and I felt so relaxed and calm. I now going to seriously try to get in a few hours to myself each week since it will be better for everyone involved.

Abi gave the Buritto the mighty fist shake (her sign of approval)

On a seriously bright note there may be a mommy stitch n’bitch starting in September! I’m very thrilled to hear about this as I was starting to wonder what Abi and I will do in the fall once the other Mommies I like to hang with go back to work!

I forgot to charge the batteries for the camera so I didn’t end up taking any pictures of the deying class but I dyed a half pound of mohair so that it looked like flames. I started with yellow then graduated the colour up to a nice rusty red…very flamey! I’ll post a picture of my fiber later…

And here is the promised photo of the fiber I dyed at the class:
This is the fiber all dyed up and ready to bake in the sun.

This is after the sun bake, it is having a bit of a soak to get out any un-exhausted dye.

We used Ashford Dyes Cold Pad Dye kit. I am very happy with the results and am planning on spinning up this yarn to make a flame sweater for Abi.

Who had a busy weekend?

Oh that would be me…

Saturday started off with a Garage Sale, we sold about half the stuff and raised 320$ towards my Income Tax debt. Since there was so much left over we will probably hold another in the early fall.

Once the sale was over with Chris, Abi and I went up to my parents farm for the night so we could go to the Highland Games in Uxbridge. Our plans to get there early for the pancake breakfast were thwarted by two escape artist cows making a break for the neighbors corn field and once they were rounded up and returned the section of fence that was used for the escape needed to be found and mended. While my dad and brother were off fixing fence Chris, my Mum and I enjoyed a coffee in the sun on my parents deck while Abi made a new friend. Abi and Timmy the Tiger making nice By the way if anyone is interested in a kitten here is a sampeling of this years litters: Kittys

From there we went off to the Games! Had a great time and some funnel cake, Abi enjoyed her pickle on a stick and had her face painted. And trust me to find some yarn in one of the stalls. I have a plan to knit Abi up a seed stitch top-down raglanout of it . I also met a gentleman named Reuben who is a big fan of the British motorcycles who was there with his Norton Commando and the rest of his Vintage Bike Club! My parents know him through the various events they attend together. Anyway he and I had a nice chat about why the Brit bikes are better than the rest…we decided it was their cantankerous attitude and that they seem to run better in a downpour!

Once it started to pour rain My Mum, Chris, Abi and I decided to head out and after we got home I asked my mum if we could finally visit the Alpaca farm a few concession roads over so I could see what yarns Susan carries in her shop…I ended up buying almost 3lbs of raw Alpaca fleece from an Alpaca named Iris (photo to come). Poor Chris nearly freaked when I returned to the car (he and Abi were having a nice nap) and told him I had just bought an Alpaca…then I showed him the garbage bag full of fleece. I some how don’t think that made him feel any better.

I know what I wanna be when I grow up!

Abi and I were up at my parents farm this weekend for a visit and to finally go to the VARACshow today at Mosport with my Mum and Dad.

Oh my Gods! I remembered how much I used to love cars when I was younger and how I had at one point wanted to be a Rally Driver. What happened to these plans you may ask? Well in my desperate need to have some sort of validation from a guy teen years I met up with a guy who was about 4 years older than me who didn’t like cars and liked girls who got dirty under them even less…so I said “uh…ok…I’ll change for ya…whatever it takes…”. A very dumb move in hind sight.

And now we advance to the present date with me riding shotgun with my Dad in my Mums MG doing 60 miles and hour down and ACTUAL RACE TRACK!!!!! “OH MY GODS I NEED TO DO THIS SOME MORE!!!!!” is the only thought going through my head as we zip along and I find my self watching the trackand figuring out where is the sweet spot for straightening out your corners etc….I think I need to race cars…old cars…a nice Fiat will do…or maybe I’ll look into the Vintage mortocycle races…that have side car racing…perhaps I can get someone to ride shotgun….

Photos to follow….I have to figure out how to extract single images from the video I took of us going down the track!

Special note: Buy goggles and a leather aviator helmet for next year!!!

This is a photo of all the cars lining up to go onto the track. That is KD (my Mums car) in front and the red jobby behind her is a 1968-ish MGA.Getting ready for our lap!

Brits on the Bricks

Yesterday Chris, Abi and I trecked (and I do mean trecked as I read a ttc schedual wrong) down to the Distillery District to see my parents who had brought my Mums mid-life crisis (a 1948 MG TD) for the 50th anniversary of the MG Car Club of Toronto. null

As you can see Abi is loving Mum’s car, I just hope she will get her licence sooner than I did. Abi ready to drive

The event was fun, my parents were able to show off Abi to their Club mates as well as spend a bit more time with us (read: Abi). I gotta say I’m really not impressed with the Distillery District. There is alot of high end stores catering to the condo loft set who have more money than brains and the restaurants are quite expensive and not all that impressive. Balzacs Cafe left a caffeine deprived me jonesing for the nearest Tim’s or something, anything please!!!! There was a small bakery there that did make a really good tea biscuit and croissant the croissant passes that both my Dad and Abi gave the seal of approval.

Sick Baby pt 2

I have been home from school for the past four days with a sick baby…Tomorrow we HAVE to go back to class. You can only miss 75% of classes without penalty.

Dealing with a sick baby is not fun, Abi was (understandably) clingy which made trying to do house work next to impossible and she was very oozy…so gross!

Luckily was able to call my parents for advice, which helped alot. See, my Mum is a Nurse, quite a good one really! Unless you are her child trying to fake being sick to stay home from school to watch a repeat showing of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead on PBS, then she can be a bit Nurse Ratchety…but I digress…I am quite glad that my Mum is a nurse, she was with Chris and I throughout my Labour and Delivery and was a great support when Abi developped Jaundice that kept us from bringing her home until she was almost a week old. She is able to give me both the emotional support as well as the medical facts, which ever is more important for the situation at hand. So with my Mums help we figured out that the little Miss has a bad case of a teething cold and it seems to only be slightly slowing her down.. .The Patient

Sick Baby…

I’m glad to say that Abi must have my constitution, she has her first serious cold! The down side to this ins that over the past few days I have been hit with pretty much all the body fluids that start with the letter “P” not to mention that I have become a human tissue and not have a large load of t-shirts to wash.

This cold seems to have made her clingier but she is also wanting to cuddle with her Dad. She has also started her “Da” sounds which Chris is taking as her calling to him…we won’t tell him that she is working out her sounds.

In case you forgot it’s: Mother’s Day

Today was my first Mother’s Day, although according to some people, last year should have been my first since I was pregnant then. But then as a few people (one of whom was the other half responsible for the pregnancy) felt the need to point out that I “tehnically wasn’t a Mother yet so I didn’t qualify”. Not a smart thing to tell a person who has been gaging her way through the past few months due to anytime-but-morning sickness and has just realized that Maternity clothes are either dreadfully expensive or really ugly!

Enough of last year…these things are in the past…..

Seeing as today was all about me, my husband (Chris) said I got to do what ever I wanted, so I decided the three of us were going to go to Riverdale Farm. The trip got off to a really great start with the Driver of the bus we boarded wishing each Mum a Happy Mother’s day and presenting us with a red rose as we boarded! Proof the TTC is the better way!

We spent some time wandering arround the farm, introducing our daughter Abi to the various animals who live there and we made the appropriate animal sounds, she got quite a kick out of the piglet sounds made by both man and animal. From there we trundled over to Kensington Market to see the Stitch and Bitch Ladies at Lettuceknit and to visit the Organic Ice Cream Guy (Brads ice cream was a staple craving during my pregnancy, especially the Lavender) for the official nice weather is here celebratory Ice Cream cone. He had this great Chocolate/coffee/cayenne ice cream that was great! It had this mocha start tehn a few seconds after it melted you got this mild warming on the toung from the cayenne, Brad comes up with the best flavour combos.

From there we trundled home, had some dinner and I started and have almost finished my “New Series Dr.Who scarf”, I have so deemed it as it is being knit with the two skeins of Colinette Point 5 my parents brought me back from their recent trip to Engand and I started (and almost finished) knitting it while watching an episode of the new Dr Who series. I must say I do rather like this series but the new Dr. is no Tom Baker!