And then you turned three!

Not exactly sure where the time went but I woke-up this morning and Liam is three. THREE! Holy Crap! When exactly did that happen?

Liam is turning into the quite the little gentleman, and I’m expecting him to grown into quite large gentleman! Some would say he is a mini version of my Dad, complete with the love of all things mechanical and a hilarious habit of tossing items that are frustrating him down the baasement stairs then asking one of us to go retrieve it.

Happy Birthday Liam! I look forward to watching you grow up, become the man I expect you to be and learn how to eat a Girl Guide cookie without getting it smeared all over your face.


Yesterday marked the completion of my 35th year. It was a great day and I’m hoping it is indicative of the year to come!

After a week of a nasty stomach bug that *knock on wood* only affected Chris and Liam, I was thrilled to have a day to myself and it was made better by this rare solo day being my birthday.

Once the kids were deposited at daycare I came home, got dressed and went out.

Chris got me a new pair of Doc’s for my birthday gift; 20 hole-knee high’s. First sign that I’m getting old: my back cramped while lacing up the boots, good thing they have zippers in the side so I can avoid such  events in the futur! 😉 My dress is from my new favourite Etsy seller ellainaboutique.

The rest of the day was spent camera nerding. I have gone back to film photography and am loving it!!!! I bought a Rolleicord VB some time ago and cannot express how much fun this camera is! I have a firend who is a HUGE Rollei Fan and I blame him for my falling down the rabbit hole! I dare say he is a worse enabler than my yarn mates!

(Image totally ganked from the Rollei Club website)

So after a long day of camera nerding, I came home to have a wonderful dinner of portuguese chicken and an ice cream cake.

I’m on break from school for the next two weeks, so brace yourselves, there will be some more posts!

Still knitting that last gift…

It’s 5 days after Christmas and I have one gift still on  the needles, my plan is to have it cast off tonight. I would have been done it in time too except I took a little four day break  and knit a little sweater for myself…Wrenna from French Girl Knits (photos will follow eventually) used Limari in a festive deep red.

As for my other knitted gifts…they were all well received by the giftees, but we forgot to pack the camera so there are no photos. My sister was given a Just Enough Ruffles scarf knit from almost 3 skeins of Malabrigo Silky in bright pink, the MIL received Stella’s Hat, knit from Malabrigo Merino in a yellowy/gold. My Mum was gifted a woven scarfthat she really likes and apparently has been showing it off to all and sundry since opening it. I used a Fleece Artist yarn bundle I bought at LettuceKnit some time ago that contained a skein of mohair and a skein of Merino sock yarn in really nice earth tones. I liked it so much, she almost didn’t get it.

It appears that my fibery talents have come as a surprise to some people…but that is a post for another day, like tomorrow!

And this is how it all went down

First off, thanks for the birthday well wishes, they gave me a giggle!

I have discovered as I’m getting older that my desire for a big hoolabaloo celebration is not what it once was and really I’m all about the lowkey and laid back and Sunday was perfect!

My original plan was to go to Lahore Tikka House, but seeing as really only my sister and I would appreciate it, I decided after Amy sent me a link to go to Caplansky’s.

(Please excuse the Satanic look everyone has, I forgot to set the Red Eye Reduction)

It was very yummy! The menu is really straight forward, and so not a place for the vegetarians among us.

SO YUMMY!!! I dreamt about those fries and the pickle platter last night! We are so going back on my next Saturday off!

Abi got little lesson in Pool

After, we all wandered over to Kensington for a quick bit of shopping whre I resurrected an old friends habit of a new hat for my Birthday,

On the way home we stopped to get a Dairy Queen Birthday cake

I’d like to thank my Sturdy Irish Genetics!

Liam is most definitely on the mend! This morning his appetite came back and he started harassing Abi and the cats. He is moving a bit slower than his standard 90MPH and isn’t eating us out of house and home as fast as he normally does but he is miles better than he was on Friday!

It took us the better part of Saturday and 4 pharmacies to get the prescription filled and the banana marshmallow scent of the medicine brought back memories of the bouts of ear infections I had as a child. My sister was/is prone to pneumonia and when I mentioned the smell to her I’m pretty sure I heard her gag on her memories.

Thanks to all for the good thoughts, it was a nice thing for a very tired Mum to read.

If the camera behaves itself I hope to return to my normal stress free fiber blogging in a few days. I have a nice fingerless gauntlet that was my hospital knitting, some hand towels on the loom and the first of my Colourways batts to share with you. OHMIGAWDZ it’s just beautiful!!! Need to empty a spindle so I can get spinning this baby!

Oh and it looks like I caught a bit of a head cold from the ER.

Survived another one.

Christmas at Casa Del Gauhaus was relatively uninventfull with minor (yet still annoying) DRAMA!!!!!

The kids got some nice outfits and a few more toys that we usually get them due to a mess up with the order we had placed in early December with a large Canadian online retailer that had me out gift shopping in that blizzard two Fridays ago! Then on the 23rd a box arrives containing the order we had cancelled the week before! Grrr!!! Next year I’m going back to giving gifts that either I or someone else has hand made! One of A Kind here I come!

My Dad and Sister got their gifts still on the needles but my Mum’s socks (which I totally forgot to photograph) were completed on the train ride up to the Farm. Amy still dosen’t know what here gift is, but she knows it’s made with 8ply cashmere.

There was a lot of food, which is a given as turkey is VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS in our family! This year I scored the ham bone from the spiral ham my Mum brought to my brother’s place for Christmas dinner, so I’m going to whip up a batch of Post Mortem Ham and Pea Soup.

It was a nice 3 days at the Farm, I even got to help unstick a neighbor who’s car had slid into a fence on Saturday! But now I’m feeling more than a little tired and need to do a clutter purge of my little house.

How was yours?

Yet another gift hint.

Chris, this in black patent with the olive green interior would make a super nice Christmas/Yule/Solstice/Whatever your Athiest Ass wants to call this Holiday gift.

Suggestion: as this would be a custom order I would (if I were you) get on that in the next two weeks or so.

And to answer the question I know you will have:

Yes, I do own 3 of her bags, but one of them is actually a knitting clutch so it dosen’t count and the other two have very diffrent looks so there are times when neither is appropriate for my outfit. No, I most clearly do not have enough handbags! If I had enough handbags do you think I would keep making posts like this? Geeze! Keep it up and I’ll start asking if you have enough video games or Warmachine figures!

I think my post just became a very one sided domestic, I’m going to go knit and relax. Think I’m still a bit wound up from my work day…