Spinners dream team

It’s no secret I want to retire to a self sustaining off grid small holding where I will among other things raise some sheep who’s fleece I will spin, weave and knit. I’m having one of those days where the fantasy is one sold house and a biodiesel pickup (and a drivers licence) away from reality. So to content myself I’m thinking of what kind of flock would I like? Do I go purebred? Or get all Mad Scientist and get a mixed breed?

What would make up your dream team and why?

Spinner Down!

Well Buggar-it!

Note to self: When things are getting a bit tingly STOP, don’t go all British Stiffer Upper Lip/Suck It Up and Work Through the Pain because that’s just dumb!


Proper Posture is your friend and this wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t such a dork!

My over eager spinning/spindling paired with full on ignoring basic principals of ergonomics has caused a repetitive motion injury from years ago to flair up and my right side has decided to go on strike. I am going to take a few days off the spinning and knitting and crocheting to see if some rest and perhaps the use of a wrist support helps things. If that dosen’t work I’m going to try a few rounds of massage therapy.  The computer time is also going to get paired back and am going to reemploy the Sling to assist with the lugging around of Mr Liam.

The silver lining is that weaving doesn’t seem to aggravate things so I’ll still be able to get a fibery fix in AND get my arse in gear working on some gifts for the up coming holiday season.

Crunch time!

I seriously need to make a decision on what I’m going to spin during the Tour.

The only decision I have made is that whatever I choose will be from the stash and that is where I have stalled out. Do I challenge myself to finish spinning the 4 partially spun projects I have on assorted spindles and one that was being wheel spun? Do I start something new? It’s a toughy and it’s not helping that I have the voice of one of my Great Nan’s echoing “Finish what you start” in my head…can’t really argue with the ancestors so I do believe I’ll listen to her and get on with clearing out some of my orphaned projects.

Tour De Fleece Prep

Are you ready? Have you set your challenge? July 3rd is the last date you can register and the Tour kicks off on the 5th!

I’ve narrowed my challenge down to either spindeling 400gms of mohair/wool blend for a shawl or spinning up on the wheel the long neglected Shetland I started to spin up two years ago to practice my Navajo plying and to taler use for some natural plant dyeing and eventually a shawl. Tough call.

Stage 2? DONE!!!

Friday night I finishes plying the rest of the Corriedale!

There is 17 skeins of yarn of presently unknown yardage…going to either invest in a McMorran Yarn Balance or go all off grid/Olde Schoole (yes the “e’s” are intentional, it implies extra age!) and actually count the # of wraps. I’m estimating from the pile it should be enough for a sweater, and the pre-setting of the twist weight of the yarn is Heavy Worsted/Aran.

I’m going to be washing the skeins over the next week…

No seriously I do still craft…

The blog has been high on speculation but low on proof lately, a few hours with a fully charged camera would remedy this but that seems to be a tall order right now!

Until then I shall entertain you with a list of my fluffy happenings:

I am 2/3 (I think, it’s hard to tell) done with my current weaving project and I’m happy with it and Abi has claimed it as a Princess Dress. Apparently Princesses in her world wear long flowy scarves and dresses…I don’t recall ever exposing Abi to any Stevie Nicks

The Spindles have been seeing a lot of action lately, the only one that doesn’t have some fluff on it is the Loki. It’s a lace weight spindle and at present I don’t have anything I want to spin that fine. Last week I purchased three new ones for the collection: zebra wood Hound Design and two Bosworth Midis, one is a thuya burl, the other is a bird’s eye maple. I’m such a sucker for a sexy burl/grain and that website inspires me to want to learn to turn my own spindles.  So there has been a fair amount of spinning going on and I’m slowly getting a handle on my fluff.  If both kids nap this afternoon I might also get the last few ounces of my Corriedale sweater plied and then I will start setting the twist. As celebration I’m planning a small Tour de Fleece kick off get together. I’m still trying to decide what challenge I want to set for myself for the Tour but after than my next wheel spun fleece will be a lovely white Shetland I bought two years ago and started to spin up but for some unknown reason stopped.

I’ve become inspired by this website to try dyeing with mushrooms. My back yard has a few diffrent types growing there and all this rain we have had created perfect mushroom growing conditions so I might try some urban foraging in my neighborhood. I have been using The Rainbow Beneath my Feet and Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada as my references and have ordered Mushrooms for Colour for dye recipes and such.

Making space…

This whole weaving/spinning jag thing has me giving my stash a long hard look and I’m showing it little mercy.

There is now a good sized bag of yarn that I’m going to donate and few other bags who’s contents are going to be sold. The final decision lies in whether to sell my Ashford Kiwi. It’s a great starter wheel but when I got my Sonata I bought the Jumbo Flyer Unit for the Kiwi to use it as my plying wheel but with the Woolee Winder on my Sonata I find I haven’t touched the Kiwi in over a year! I think it’s time to send it off to a new home where it will be used and given the good fibery love instead of hanging out on a shelf in my basement.

Geekiest mail ever!!!

My mail today was so many types of geeky, I’m amazed that it didn’t cause some sort of vortex!

First was my May Art Club Batt: Hollow Tree

It’s difficult to see the shades of green but it’s bang on what I had in mind for the yoke of my Corriedale sweater. I’ve emailed Nikol about getting another one just so I have enough. Which reminds me I never did show you my April Batt: Girl Drink Drunk!

It’s got glitz, angora, and is shades of pink and peach so you just know that Abi claimed it just as soon as she saw it. She wants something “pretty” from it.

Back to the mail…

Chris’ Fathers day gift arrived:

Yep, Dungeons and Dragons 4.0…we are still looking for players for a campaign.

And finally my order from Camilla Valley Farms arrived.

I’m planning on weaving up a bunch of tea towels and some hand and face cloths.