First Ride of the year.

Yesterday we all packed up and went for a bike ride around our neighborhood.

Abi and Liam love riding in the Cougar, ABi kept yelling for Chris to go faster and Liam just fell asleep although when we would stop he would wake up and voice his displeasure. We went out for about a 20 minute ride before my knees started to bother me, I figured it was time to stop for a tea. Chris still felt like he wanted to keep going so he and Abi rode around for another 30 minutes, which Chris later regretted as his legs were all sorts of wobbely. We went onto Birchmount and along Kingston Road which made me a bit nervous but I just stayed focused and alert. Kingston Rd has some narsty pot holes right now! For my first time ever riding in Toronto I think I did alright but I need to work on becoming comfortable making left hand turns which will come with time.

At the end of the month I have my Can Bike course and I’m trying to figure out how to get from here to there using low traffic side streets since I don’t think I’m going to feel ready to ride along either Gerrard or the Danforth in 3 weeks. Why we don’t have bike lanes along both those roads is beyond me.

Wind chill is a narsty bitz!

This morning I FINALLY got to take Rosie out for a ride around the block. I would have gone further but as I said the wind chill was already starting to freeze my fingers and my lower back was getting a bit cold as well.

I see some more bike related knits in the near future…I think I’ll use Biker Boy from Son Of Stitch n’Bitch as a starting point for a cycling jacket knit from the Nature Wool Chunky I have kicking around the stash…